3 Fall Work Outfits That Women Should Wear To The Office To Look And Feel Great

When we talk about work wear often people assume that the typical outfits should be worn. Such as a skirt and a dress shirt or a blazer and dress pants combination, which has been the standard in many offices around the world. But what about changing it up sometimes? Feeling good coming into work will directly correlate to increased performance, especially when it comes to deadlines and reports.

Lets talk about 3 very specific fall workplace outfits that are extremely stylish and surely to make you feel great as well.

Pencil Skirt And Belted Blazer

The pencil skirt has been a workplace staple for decades, usually worn with either a tucked in white blouse or dress shirt. The new way to wear this skirt is to combine it with a belted blazer. Cool colours are going to be your friend with this outfit so opt for a pastel or light brown blazer colour. Pumps should be worn as footwear and accessories should be medium size.

Pencil Skirt Net-A-Porter
Belted Blazer Net-A-Porter

Navy Blue Dress Pants With A Beige Cashmere Sweater

Navy blue and beige are two colours that go well together. Thus this outfit is sure to have you looking your best on those particularly tough days. Ankle boots will be a good fit for footwear as well as a brown belt for a bit of contrast in colour. Make sure that your handbag is a versatile colour such as black.

Navy Blue Pants Net-A-Porter
Cashmere Sweater Net-A-Porter

Skinny Jeans With A Long Cardigan

This outfit is for dress down days. Footwear should be comfortable so loafers or plain flats can be worn. Accessories should be minimal if not non existent because it’s dress down day and you want to keep that feeling of a mini vacation there. Accessories or clothing that reminds you of a regular work day should be avoided on dress down day.

Skinny Jeans Net-A-Porter
Long Wool Blend Cardigan Net-A-Porter

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