3 Of The Worst Fashion Mistakes Women Need To Avoid When Tucking In A Shirt

We as humans tend to over analyze how our outfits should look, even days before we intend to wear it. Thinking that maybe being creative is not particularly suited to our fashion sense or maybe the complete opposite, such as embracing new and bold ideas to create a unique look.

Whatever your outlook on fashion is, one thing is for certain. And that is that at some point in life you are going to need to tuck in that shirt of yours. Either it be for a casual outfit, something formal, or be choice, there are times when your outfit will consist of a tucked in shirt.

Let’s take a look at 3 of the worst fashion mistakes to avoid when tucking in a shirt.

1.   Matching Pants & Shirt

This should be a no brainer even for a someone with limited fashion knowledge. Matching pants with your shirt is ok in certain situations, such as a party or a funeral, but in no way should you even think about tucking a shirt into a matching colour pants. Instead opt for opposite colours to create a well rounded outfit.

Denim Jeans H&M

2.   Oversized Shirt

Unless you want your outfit to look like a parachute, please refrain from wearing a tucked in oversized shirt. Not only is this really uncomfortable but also a tucked in oversized shirt will create a disproportionate outfit look. Be sure to wear a comfortable fitting shirt to tuck into your pants.

Oversized Silk Shirt Net-A-Porter

3.   Not Wearing A Belt

A tucked in t-shirt for example is a popular style amongst men and women. One point. To stress is that a belt should be worn with this outfit. Not only does this give your waistline more definition but a belt can hep to create a contrast between your shirt and pants.

Fendi Belt Net-A-Porter

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