3 Very Important Tips To Remember When Designing Your Own Clothes

Of course there are many other valuable tips to take into consideration when deciding to design and create your own clothes, but these three tips should never be overlooked. Correct measurements, quality fabric selection, and great thread should never be compromised when designing your own clothing.

You see, many would-be designers quickly realize that quality fabric and thread is not cheap and thus begin to use subpar materials to save on costs. This is a big mistake that will surely compromise the overall look and feel of the finished garment. Let’s take a closer look at these three important tips.

Measure More Than Once

A tape measure is the only measurement tool that is needed in clothing design any other devices or measuring apparatus is not needed. The initial measurements should always be followed up by immediate secondary measurements for an accurate reading. While cutting the fabric, frequently measuring each section will ensure that the garment fits 100 percent correct. Also, this will save time from having to go back to complete costly revisions to add or remove fabric.

Selection Of Quality Fabric

There is only one common outcome of designing clothes with bad quality fabric, and that means that the garment will not last that long. High quality fabric feels great on the skin and is known to lasts for many years to come. Note that you do not need to buy the higher quality fabric, but anything close to the higher quality fabric is recommended. The highest quality fabrics are durable and look great, so invest in these for a more quality design. Fabrics such as cotton, silk, and cashmere are considered the highest quality fabrics.

Selection Of Quality Thread

Thread quality is ofter overlooked which should never be the case. What holds together the fabric that you are using? Thread! So why not seek out and acquire quality thread as this will create longer lasting clothing. The most common type of thread that you will be using when designing clothing will be a polyester/cotton blend type. Be sure that you select the colours that you need because a colour off by a couple of shades might just ruin your design.


  • Invest in a quality sewing machine as repairs can be costly
  • Carefully sketch out your designs before you begin to sew
  • Pair colours together that are not normally seen for a more creative, one of a kind piece

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