5 Bold Statement Pieces That Women Can Incorporate Into Their Fall Outfits

We all know how the fall season is the best time of the year to get on your fashion ‘A’ game. But how exactly can you ensure that what you are wearing will be fashionable and look great? One way to always ensure that your outfit is looking stylish is by adding a statement piece. 

This can be a unique article of clothing such as a bright shirt, pattered blazer, or one of a kind footwear. In this article we will talk about the top 5 statement pieces that women can wear in the fall season with their outfits. Let’s take a look.

Unique Colour Cross Shoulder Bag

Considering that the classic black leather handbag will be seen amongst many women in the fall, there are many opportunities to stand out. A green cross shoulder bag will work great with many types of fall outfits such as with denim jeans or a mini skirt. 

YSL Cross Shoulder Bag Net-A-Porter

Frayed Bottom Jeans

Wearing frayed bottom jeans is a great idea when trying to differentiate your pants from the masses. Regular denim or black jeans will be the best ones to wear in the fall months. You should wear your top tucked in for a more complete look.

Frayed Jeans Net-A-Porter

White Running Shoes

Denim jeans, a mini skirt, and joggers all go well with white running shoes. Try to keep your shoes clean for maximum exposure. There is no point in wearing your white running shoes only to have them looking dirty and faded.

Nike Air Force 1

Double Breasted Blazer

Up your blazer game by wearing the double breasted blazer. This will work well for the office and your co-workers will surely send lots of compliments your way. For a more noticeable look, opt to wear a patterned double breasted blazer.

Navy Blue Double Breasted Blazer Net-A-Porter

Drop Earrings

When it coms to wearing drop earrings, sparkle is not a factor. Instead, you should choose to wear intricate pieces that are unique and hard to find.

Silver And Pearl Earrings Net-A-Porter


  • A statement piece is not necessary for all outfits
  • Always keep your accessories and footwear looking clean
  • Don’t just assume that because you are wearing one bright garment that it is now considered a statement piece
  • Wearing a statement pice is meant to catch other’s attention immediately when they look at your outfit
  • Never underestimate the power of small accessories
Cable-Knit Cashmere Sweater Net-A-Porter

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