5 Cool Pieces That Women Can Wear In The Winter To Create An Inspiring Outfit

There is nothing particularly wrong about wearing some winer staples such as a parka and leather boots, but sometimes you need to be more creative especially if you want to stand out from others. There are many ways you can go on about this, from wearing one of a kind accessories to pairing different colours that usually do not go together. Or, you can take a look at this list and see which unique piece could be incorporated into your winter style.

In this article we will be discussing our pick of 5 cool pieces that are both unique and will definitely give a boost to any winter outfit. We will also share some tips to remember when wearing these pieces. Ok, let’s take a look.

Straight Cut Coat H&M

Chunky Boots

These boots are more that you regular run of the mill leather boots, call it something in between combat boots and regular hiking boots. You can style your chunky leather boots in a variety of ways, from wearing them with skinny denim jeans to wearing a simple pair of black leggings. For a cool outfit try wearing black leather chunky boots paired with black leggings and a beige knit sweater. Wear a black parka as your outerwear and keep your accessories small.

Leather Chunky Boots H&M

Baseball Cap

Women who love to wear a beanie in the winter to keep their head warm can make a switch on the milder days to wearing a baseball cap. While whats on the cap doesn’t really matter, make sure that your baseball cap is a solid colour and preferably with minimal writing. Wear a baseball cap in the winter on those days that you will be out for a weekend walk or when grabbing a quick coffee.

Nike Cap

White Blazer

Yes, you can absolutely wear a white blazer in the winter months. While typically you should make sure that the rest of your outfit is a light colour, you can be different and go another route. For example, you can wear a white blazer paired with navy blue pants and a black blouse. Your footwear would be black pumps. This is a unique outfit that can be worn to the office.

Fitted Blazer H&M

Small Handbag

We are really talking about any handbag that can only fit a wallet and maybe your cell phone. Why? Well, because carrying a small handbag is more about style than practicability. Sometimes you don’t want to inconvenience yourself with a large handbag full of junk and just keep it simple with a small handbag. One of the biggest perks of carrying a small handbag is that you will barely feel it, which is great if you are constantly putting your hands inside.

Gucci Handbag Net-A-Porter

Oversized Sweater

Wear an oversized sweater on those days that you want to be really comfortable and still look stylish. The best ways how to wear an oversized sweater will be with either black leggings or alone as a dress. If you are going to be wearing this as a dress, make sure to wear light colour pumps to complete the look.

Oversized Turtleneck H&M

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