5 Fashion Rules That Every French Woman Lives By

The French are renowned for their fresh baguettes and great art history throughout the world. Also French fashion has been adopted amongst many fashion focused people worldwide. French women in particular are all about quality and style which is very evident while walking the streets of cities such as Paris or Marseille.

The fashion rules that many French woman follow are passed down from their mother’s and are an integral part of a French woman’s decision making process when it comes to anything related to fashion. Let’s take a look at five of the most important fashion rules that every French women follows.

1.   Quality Clothes

For French women there is no point on buying any new clothing if it is not of high quality. This is also a sentiment shared by French men as well but not always followed. As so, many French women only can invest in a limited number of new clothes per year due to the higher price point.

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2.   Stick To The Classics

Any French woman can tell a foreigner from a mile away based off of their choice of clothing. Classic French pieces such as slim black jeans, denim jeans, or a black blazer will never be out of style for a French woman. It is also rare to find a French woman’s outfit containing noticeable brand names. They tend to keep things more subtle.

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3. No Visible Logos

Many of the big fashion designers in France know that French women do not wear any visible logos, which is why their designs are only recognizable if you are “in the know” per se. Flaunting your wealth with a big designer name logo is not considered the French way.

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4. Only Natural Fabrics

Man made fibers are not only uncomfortable on the skin but can also cause irritation and are usually featured in cheaper garments. As such, a French woman will only wear natural fabrics such as cotton and linen.

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5.   Only Wear One Statement Piece

How statement pieces are showcased in an outfit can vary from person to person. But one thing is for sure; A French woman will only have one statement piece in her outfit. An example can be that she has on a classic black dress. Her shoes will be subtle and so will her handbag, but her earrings will have large diamonds. Note that the earnings is the only statement piece in this outfit.

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  • Wearing visible name brands in frowned upon by french women
  • wear denim jeans that are not so easily found, which is what many French women do
  • Leather boots mean everything to french women so invest in a quality pair

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