5 Minimalist Layered Winter Outfits That Men Can Wear For An Effortless Casual Look

How many times have you gone out in the winter months and wished that you wore an extra layer on top of your shirt? Most likely your answer is more times tan you can remember, which leads us to the purpose of this article. We will actually give you some inspiration on minimalist winter layering to enhance your look.

Also, there will be some tips to remember when deciding to start layering minimalist pieces. Let’s take a look.


This easy piece can take the place of a jacket if you wanted to…but not in the winter. That is why for this minimalist layered winter outfit, we will be adding a black turtle neck underneath your dark grey blazer. For pants, wear either chinos or black jeans. While your footwear for this outfit should be black leather boots.

Dark Grey Blazer H&M


Ok, so we all know that wearing a cardigan will give us a more stylish look than wearing a plain sweater. This is why we need to keep with the theme and layer a similar colour underneath your cardigan. So for example, if you are wearing a beige wool cardigan, you can layer a beige turtleneck underneath. Not only will this style look greet but your creativity will be complimented from your peers.

Cotton Cardigan H&M


You can wear a plain dark hoodie underneath a dark colour long wool coat effortlessly. Just make sure that you do not wear any accessories, as the hoodie will take some attention from the rest of your outfit, and you do not want anymore attention drawn to it.

Solid Black Hoodie H&M

Wool Scarf

With this outfit, your scarf will be a permanent fixture, meaning that you do not need to take it of at anytime while wearing these clothes. A beige wool scarf can be worn around your shoulders and neck, while layered over a black wool sweater. Keep your pants casual with slim denim jeans.

Wool Scarf Topman

Denim Jacket

An insulated denim jacket is comfortable and warm enough to wear in the winter months with just a sweater underneath. Your sweater can be as simple as just a black cotton sweater or a navy blue cotton sweater. This will tie in well with black jeans and leather boots.

Denim Jacket H&M

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