5 Pieces That Women Should Wear On A Winter Hike That Are Stylish And Comfortable

We are not going to be listing every piece that a woman can wear to a winter hike, because that would be daunting, as there are numerous outfits that can be created. We have chosen the top 5 pieces that women should wear on their winter hike, bear in mind, that we are talking about comfortable, warm, and stylish pieces.

This article is for those who believe that they need to wear bulky and unfashionable pieces to go hiking in the cold winter months. We will also mention some different examples and outfits from the 5 pieces that we will list. Ok, let’s take a look.

Padded Vest H&M


There is no doubt about it, you need to wear or at least carry a beanie hat with you on a winter hike. Imagine being into your hike and you are more than mid way through, all of a sudden a blizzard happens. Yes, this is a real hazard when hiking in the winter months, especially if you are deep in the wilderness. Be diligent and carry a stylish, yet comfortable beanie.

Knit Hat With Pompom H&M

Colours such as black, brown, and dark green are suitable to wear on your winter hike. You can wear a dark green beanie with an outfit consisting of a padded dark colour vest, a knit sweater underneath, paired with black jeans and insulated hiking boots.


You do not necessarily need to ear a parka on a winter hike depending on how cold it really is. But if you are expecting temperatures well below zero, it is recommended to wear a parka. There should be some preparation on the colour parka you will wear on your winter hike. If you are in a group, then it is recommended to wear a colour that is easily identifiable in the snow and can be seen from a far.

Padded Parka H&M

While on the other hand, if you want to go hiking in the forest in the winter alone and don’t want to draw the animals’ attention, wear a white parka.A winter outfit that consists of a parka should be comfortable and, oh yea, stylish. Wear thick black leggings and a warm sweater underneath your parka paired with insulated boots for a great outfit.

Knit Sweater

As mentioned earlier in this article, wearing a knit sweater while hiking in the winter months is very recommended. There are just so many ways how to wear a knit sweater for a winter hike that we will just mention one example. For a stylish and comfortable knit sweater outfit, opt to wear black jeans and good hiking boots.

Cable Knit Sweater H&M

You should wear a bubble vest layered over a beige knit sweater. Obviously, this outfit is meant for cold, but not extremely freezing weather. 


You can absolutely hike in the winter months in leggings perfectly fine, especially when you will be active on difficult courses. But that is not the real reason why we mentioned leggings in this article. The real reason is that leggings are great for wearing underneath your preferred pants, especially for under denim jeans. Winter hiking is not the same as walking down the street to the store, you will be experiencing the full elements of wind, cold weather, and snow.

Black Leggings Lululemon

The last thing that you want to happen is that your legs become numb from the cold weather and you can walk anymore. A good outfit to wear with leggings will include a parka, which is long and will cover a good portion of your legs, and insulated boots. Decide if wearing a sweater is the right choice if you intend to be actively hiking, meaning running, jogging, and jumping.


It is not really a matter of if you should wear gloves, it is a matter of what kind of gloves you should wear on your winter hike. The reasons for wearing gloves on you winter hike are numerous, from preventing frostbite to making sure that your hands do not get numb in case you need to handle a device or build shelter. Yes, these are all very real examples of what can happen out in the wilderness, especially if you are going to be deep in the forest.

Insulated Mittens Net-A-Porter

A tip to remember is that your gloves should be practical and warm enough to withstand frigid temperatures. This is the main reason why some avid winter hiking enthusiast wear mittens with a heat pack inside to make sure that their hands avoid becoming numb.

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