5 Stylish Party Outfits that Women Can Wear With Pants In The Winter

Let’s think about all of those summer parties that are usually attended by women who are wearing a stylish dress or maybe a chic skirt. But what about those that are wearing pants instead of a dress or skirt? Well, these party goers are usually forgotten and set aside because their outfit has not been crafted with fashion fundamentals in mind. There is a certain ways how you should style your party outfit, especially featuring pants, that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Ok, so we got that out of the way. Let us talk about the specific ways how you can style a party outfit featuring pants and also we will give you some tips to remember when dressing for a winter party. Let’s take a look.

Black Jeans

There is nothing stopping you from wearing jeans to a party. Undoubtedly, you will get many awkward looks from fellow party goers who most likely will be dressed in their favourite dress and heels. But, one thing they cannot do is push to boundary of creativity with their top.

Black Jeans H&M

While wearing black jeans in the winter is the norm, it is up to you to add a bold statement piece to glitz up the look. Wear a snake or leopard print blouse paired with stylish black leather ankle boots. Your handbag should be small as well as your earrings.

Patterned Knit Pants

These type of pants are extremely comfortable and will go well with a variety of tops. For the winter months, wear a cashmere sweater that is light in colour. Also, your footwear should be light colour pumps. Keep your handbag medium size.

Knit Pants H&M


Wear a light grey blazer as part of your winter party outfit. There needs to be emphasis on your top underneath your blazer, as this will be your statement piece. Having a graphic long sleeve shirt will go ell as well as a plain long sleeve shirt too. Your footwear should be all white running shoes and your pants should be denim jeans.

Light Grey Blazer H&M

Silk Shirt 

You should wear a silk button down shirt with skinny light wash jeans. This look is great for a winter afternoon party. You can wear combat boots to stick with the stylish casual theme. Earrings should be small in size.

Beige Silk Top H&M

Sleveless Turtleneck 

Black leggings can go well while wearing a printed sleeveless turtleneck top. You want to wear running shoes as footwear with this outfit and your accessories should be medium size.

Sleeveless Turtleneck H&M

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