5 Types Of Pants Women Should Always Have In Their Summer Wardrobe For Work

Sometimes wearing a skirt or dress to work can become boring, so why to instead opt to wear pants and a chic shirt instead. Pants are an important part of any wardrobe but more so when it comes to dressing for the workplace. Not any type of pants can be worn to the office and careful attention needs to be paid to the corresponding shirt.

In this article we will list 5 must have pants that should be included in any woman’s work wardrobe and talk about which pants go well a certain shirt. Let’s take a look.

Checkered Pants

This style of pants can go great with a variety of summer work outfits. Such as wearing. A light colour blouse or with a floral print shirt. A light brown or patterned ankle boot will go well as footwear. Pumps will work well also.

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Skinny Jeans

A denim colour or black skinny jeans are a must especially for dress down days at work. You can wear a plain white tucked in dress shirt paired with a navy blue blazer. Keep your footwear simple with black or brown flats and cary a small handbag.

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Navy Blue Dress Pants

A more traditional office style, a navy blue dress pants can go well with a light colour blouse such as cream or sky blue. Brown pumps are great as they create a contrasting colour which is great for this outfit. You can wear a nave blue blazer if you wish to.

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Wide Leg Pants

These pants are great for creative people who like to wear unique fashion pieces. For the summer months a lighter colour pants should be worn paired with a light colour shirt. Red loafers can be worn to complete the look. This outfit is sure to brighten up the workplace.

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Black Dress Pants

This classic pants is a must have amongst any woman who works in an office. Not only can you pair a variety of different shirts with these pants but also doing so can increase your confidence during meetings. There is something about wearing black dress pants that really boosts your confidence.

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