5 Useful Tips That Men Over The Age Of 50 Should Never Forget When Wearing Jeans In The Winter Months

While it is no surprise that men over 50 still enjoy to wear denim jeans year round, the surprise comes with the lack of understanding about the best types of jeans to wear with each outfit. Of course you can always just put on a pair of classic Levis straight jeans and call it a day, while that is not really recommended. The winter is a time of persistent cold weather and dressing for it can be a challenge which means that you have to use your fashion knowledge to keep your outfit looking its best.

In this article we will be discussing the top 5 tips that men over 50 need to remember when wearing jeans in the winter. Also, we will discuss some outfit ideas featuring jeans and that you can implement this winter season. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Forget About Wearing Loose Fitting Jeans

As the heading goes, you should immediately ditch your loose fitting jeans and embrace a more modern style. This is not the 1990s or early 2000s anymore and loose fitting jeans are all but played out. Wearing more modern styles such as slim and straight fitting jeans will keep your outfit looking fresh and stylish. 

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Slim Fit Jeans Over Skinny Fit Jeans

Let’s get this one fact straight first, that skinny jeans do not look good on any many who is over the age of 35. Unless you are over 50 years old but look much younger than this is ok to wear, but for others maybe not. Keep you jeans slim fitting and pair them with leather boots.

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Black Jeans 

The winter season is the perfect time to bring out dark colours, with black being the most popular. This holds true with every winter piece, including jeans. Wear slim black jeans with outfits featuring a blazer or a cardigan.

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Wash Your Jeans Less Often

While some people will say that washed out jeans are popular and it doesn’t matter if they are washed out, this is not true for men over 50. You see, when you are over the age of 50 years old, you have to maintain your integrity and  reputation, also you have an image to maintain that by and large will be professional. How want to bump into a close business associate and be judged according to faded out jeans? Nobody, so make sure to cut down to washing to only every 2 months.

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Light Wash Jeans Should Be Avoided

Forget about wearing a lights wash denim jeans in the winter, as you will stand out like a sore thumb. While you could get away with wearing this jean’s style in the summer, it is still not recommended for men over the age of 50. Stick to regular and black jeans for a modern look.

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