5 Ways How Men Can Wear A Super Casual Spring Outfit That Is Cool And Stylish

Don’t you ever wonder how some men just have it all? Yes, you can walk down the street in the spring and spot a man who is dressed very casual but still looks cool, which is actually an art form in itself. There are many aspects of fashion that needs to be understood in order to achieve this coveted look, with an emphasis being on not trying too hard and using some fashion fundamentals. 

In this article we will be discussing how exactly men can pull of the casual cool look in the spring effortlessly and also we will share some tips to remember. Ok, let’s take a look.

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The fit of is more important than the style of pants that you will be wearing. The reason for this is because when it really comes down to it, black jeans or chinos will always look better in a slim fit than in a baggy loose fit. Pair your pants with footwear that is not too common, so loafers will go well.

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Now, when it comes to wearing a stylish shirt in the spring months attention need to be payed to patterns and colours. A shirt with a pattern will not be appropriate to wear with joggers but will be perfectly fine in a denim jeans outfit. Fundamentals of fashion says that it is better to stick to basic pieces but use a combination of different colours to create the cool effect.

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Wear footwear that is unique and stylish. So, that means while you can easily wear a pair of all white running shoes, it will be a better choice to wear either loafers or derby shoes in your cool spring outfit. Also, towards the end of spring, you can opt to wear leather sandals, but only if you will be outdoors for most of the day.

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Keeping Warm

The evenings in spring can sometimes become quite chilly which will lead you to put on something warm. Yes, you can easily throw on a light coat and call it a night, but being stylish is the whole theme of this article. So that is why we recommend to keep a light colour cardigan near by, which you can expertly layer over your spring shirt fo an even more stylish evening look.

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Finding Balance

This article is not about wearing the most luxurious pieces but about utilizing what you already have but in a more creative way. For example , you must own a pair of slim denim jeans right? If so, you can easily turn up your cool factor by wearing a pair of derby shoes paired with a short sleeve polo shirt. There you have it! This is an example of an outfit that is super stylish and yet is really cool.

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