5 Winter Basics That Women Need To Have In Their Wardrobe For A Stylish Cold Weather Look

There is no such thing as not having a warm jacket in the winter months as it is also unheard of not wearing a t-shirt in the summer months. These two examples are a simplification of what we will be talking about n tis article, specifically with regard to women’s winter basics. We get it, some women have their defined winter “basics” but this might not really be the case when we are looking at true basic pieces that can essentially be worn every day in this cold season.

Ok so let’s take a look at these 5 winter basics that every woman needs to have in their wardrobe. 


It doesn’t really matter, if you live in a part of the world that is prone to get harsh winters with extremely cold weather, it is best that you acquire a parka as soon as possible before the winter season starts. Albeit, this jacket can be worn practically everyday in some parts of the world, it is still recommended to have another warm stylish coat available for a variety of occasions.

Padded Parka H&M

Wearing a parka with jeans, leggings, and wool pants is fine and will look great. One tip to remember is that you should have a dark colour parka such as black or navy blue, as this will go well with most winter outfits.

Black Leggings

What can we say about these pants? Well, first of all, black leggings specifically are one of the most popular type of pants that women around the world wear in their winter outfits. Why? The main reason is because black leggings go well with so much different types of tops and outerwear. You can easily wear black leggings more than a few times per week and no one would really care.

Black Leggings H&M

Outfits that go great with black leggings will include a button down shirt, dark and light colour blouses, and simple cotton sweaters. Wear quality leggings that do not rip or fade easily for a better outfit.

Black Jeans

Similar to wearing black leggings, wearing black jeans will give you the style and versatility to wear a variety of complimenting tops. Wear black jeans that are both comfortable and stylish, so we recommend to wear slim or relaxed fit. Of course you can wear your black jeans with any type of outerwear you like, from a parka to a wool coat.

Black Slim Jeans H&M

Tucked in tops will go great with slim black jeans while oversized sweaters are great with relaxed black jeans. One tip to remember is that it is ok to wear washed out black jeans, which was not the case years ago.


Who says that wearing a beanie is only for men. There are a plethora of outfits where wearing a beanie will be seen as the finishing touch. Colours that should be worn include beige, black, light grey, and white. You should wear a beanie that fits well but is not too flashy and preferably a solid colour.

Black Knit Beanie H&M

A beanie can be worn comfortably with either a parka or wool jacket, just make sure that the colour of your beanie is not that far off from your outerwear.

Ankle Boots

What are you really going to have on as footwear in the cold winter months? Sandals or slippers? No, your footwear will have to be somewhat more firm and should be able to keep your feet warm while being stylish. This is not a task meant for any type of footwear except for hiking boots or ankle boots. We recommend to have ankle boots because of the sheer versatility and style that you will have.

Black Ankle Boots H&M

You can wear your ankle boots comfortable with denim jeans, black jeans, and leggings in the winter months. If you will only have one pair of ankle boots for the winter, make sure that it is black and genuine leather. This type of ankle boot is the most versatile with regard to cold weather outfits.

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