5 Winter Outfits For Women That Are Effortless To Create And Look Stylish

Don’t you just hate when you see someone who ha son an outfit that you think looks great and probably features expensive pieces, but it looks like they didn’t even try? Well, if you answered yes, that answer is not surprising at all. The fact is that as humans we tend to think that if someone has on a stylish outfit, they surely spent lots of money and/or they took a long time to get the pieces right.

This can be you after you read this article. We will give you some winter outfit ideas that are effortless and can be created with a few simple pieces. Let’s take a look.

Black Parka With White jeans

You can definitely wear white jeans in the winter months, you just need to know when it is appropriate. Wear wide leg white jeans as part of your weekend outfit, which you can pair with a black parka. Your footwear should be a pair of black combat boots.

Hooded Parka H&M

Grey Sweatshirt With Denim Jeans

How can you look laid back and stylish at the same time? Well, try wearing a light grey crew neck sweatshirt paired with skinny denim jeans. Your accessories will be prominently featured in your outfit, which should be a pair of gold earrings and a gold necklace. Wear all black running shoes as footwear.

Denim Jeans H&M

Insulated Denim Jacket With Wool Pants

This really cool hybrid outfit has a bit from the business and casual world. Your dark grey wool pants can be effortlessly worn with your quilted denim jacket. You want to wear pumps with these pants and your denim jacket should be slightly oversized to complete the outfit. Wear leather gloves to keep your hands warm.

Oversized Denim Jacket H&M

Black Skirt With A Cardigan

Wear a dark colour wool cardigan with your knee length black skirt. Underneath the cardigan, you should wear a black turtleneck, as this will compliment the rest of your outfit. Keep your footwear stylish by wearing black pumps.

Knit Cardigan H&M

Black Leggings With A Long Wool Coat

This dressed dup winter outfit can be worn on an evening out to a restaurant. You want your wool coat to be either a shade of grey or a light cream colour, while your footwear should be black leather ankle boots.

Long Wool Coat H&M

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