A Guide For Men In Their 30s Who Want A Super Stylish Yet Casual Winter Outfit

Gone are those days where wearing a windbreaker layered over a graphic hoodie is considered suitable winter outerwear. Also, gone are the days when it was not expected that your fashion knowledge would be up to par, so you wearing those all white running shoes in the slush and salt was ok. Yes, we are talking about the time when men finally leave the 20-30 years old age group and become serious about their fashion.

Men in their 30s should be ready to up their fashion game and begin to dress super casual with most of their outfits. In this article we will be discussing how exactly men in their 30s can achieve a super casual winter outfit with some outfit ideas and tips that will serve as a guide. Ok, let’s take a look.

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First of all wearing a blazer is meant for more that an appearance at the office place and should be incorporated in to other outfits. For example, let’s say that you wanted to wear denim jeans but have a more stylish look. You can easily wear a black blazer over your existing shirt to turn your outfit more stylish. The blazer colours that men should wear in the winter months should be either black, grey, navy blue, and brown.

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Ok, so when it comes to wearing a sweater in the cold winter season, many men when they were in their 20s would typically opt to wear either a plain cotton sweater or a hoodie. There is nothing wrong with this, especially if your only goal was to keep warm, but these type of sweaters will not cut it in a super stylish casual winter outfit.

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Instead, the goto options in terms of long sleeves and sweaters will be either a turtleneck, cardigan, or knit sweater. You should stick to dark and neutral colours, which will go well with any type of pants that you wish to wear in your winter fashion.

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Your choice of shirts that are suitable to wear in the cold winter months are somewhat limited so layering and creativity are required to maintain a stylish look. In terms of basic shirts that can be worn in the winter, an Oxford and dress shirt should be you preferred choices. Wear an Oxford shirt by itself with pants such as chinos and black jeans. For your dress shirt, it is best to layer a cardigan or blazer over it for a sleek look.

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Similar to most seasons, your pants selection can vary to slim fit denim jeans to a more stylish pair of chinos. The main difference with your pants selection in the winter months will be that darker colours should be embraced more. Meaning that your preferred pants should be black jeans and chinos, dark denim jeans, and dark colour dress pants.

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Now the subject of the type of footwear to wear specifically in the winter months not be familiar to many men who are just reaching their 30s. Why? Mainly because throughout their 20s, wearing non-seasonal shoes such as loafers and running shoes was considered normal. Things are different though when you reach your 30s, with many men passing judgment rather quick based on appearance, which can sometimes affect careers and personal relationships.

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Stick to wearing mainly black and dark brown leather boots, derby shoes, and the occasional appearance of a pair of all black running shoes, but only if the ground is dry.


Gone are the days when layering thin pieces such as a windbreaker or denim jacket was considered adequate outerwear and in with wool coats and parkas. Now no one is saying that a wool coat needs to be worn at all times throughout the winter but there is gong to need to be some acceptance when you decide to dress super stylish. Reserve wearing a black parka jacket for the days when you will be wearing denim jeans or joggers, which will be considered a more laid back casual look.

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