A Guide For Men: Understanding The Basics of Cold Weather Fashion And How To Always Look Stylish In The Winter Months

There is much to be said when it comes to dressing for the cold weather. You should not just simply put on a pair of denim jeans and a sweater and call it a day. No, there is more to creating a practical and stylish outfit that will keep you warm and look good. The basis of a cold weather outfit consists of dark pieces, that are fairly warm and can be paired with each other effortlessly.

In this article we will discuss the basics of creating an outfit for the cold weather and also we will discuss some outfit ideas to try that are both comfortable and stylish. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Now you might be wondering what are the best type of pants to wear in the winter months? Well, first of all, you can actually wear the same pants that you would wear in any other season if you want, but this is not a wise decision. There are a few ‘core’ pants that should be worn in the winter months, which include denim jeans, back jeans, track pants, and dress pants. 

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Denim jeans are great to wear all year long, no matter what the weather is like because these pants are just that versatile. Also, you can pair a blazer and turtleneck easily with denim jeans. Wearing black jeans are great when you want a more polished casual look, while wearing dark colour dress pants are great for the office.

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There should only be long sleeve shirts in your winter wardrobe, which is the way it should be. Keep in mind that your top picks for the cold weather will be sweaters, blazers, and dress shirts. You can wear a variety of sweaters in the winter months, but your top choice should be wool and cotton sweaters. One tip to remember is that if you decide to wear a light colour sweater, opt to wear a darker colour pants as this will provide balance, which is needed in the colder months.

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Wearing a white dress shirt will never be out of season, but you should wear a dark colour pants with it. Think of stylish combinations such as a white dress shirt paired with navy blue dress pants and brown leather derby shoes.

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Blazer & Cardigan

Keeping up with looking great in the winter is easy when you know the right pieces to wear. Try keeping a few key blazers and a black cardigan in your winter wardrobe. Your blazer’s for the winter should be black, grey, and one being dark coloured patterned. These three types of blazers can go well with any of the earlier mentioned essential winter pants.

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There will always be a need to wear a black wool cardigan in the winter, which is both suitable for the workplace and on a casual weekend out. Your best bet is to wear a black cardigan in the place of a blazer, this would be more fitting and warmer than just wearing a pain shirt.

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This is a no brainer, you are going to need some sort of warm outerwear for the cold winter months. A common option is to wear your favourite parka everyday in the winter which can be both a positive and negative. On one hand, you will be extremely warm on even the coldest days, but on the other, wearing a parka jacket everyday for months might not be the most suitable option.

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That is why we recommend to make sure that your winter wardrobe includes a parka jacket and a wool coat for outerwear. This will give you the correct outerwear to choose from to create the best winter outfit.


Your footwear needs to be durable and warm enough to withstand the cold winter weather. Therefore you should definitely have a pair of boots, which can be either a stylish leather form or a more classical cold weather insulated boots. Derby shoes and Chelsea boots should also be in your winter wardrobe for when you want to wear anything business or business casual.

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