A Men’s Guide To Wearing Jeans In The Winter That Will Ensure Your Outfits Are Always Stylish

Who doesn’t love to wear jeans? Nobody, thats who! It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, whether the temperature is hot and sticky or bitterly cold, you will be sure to find many people walking around wearing jeans. This is why we created this article in the first place, with an emphasis on men who regularly wear jeans in the winter months to help in choosing the correct jeans to wear with certain pieces.

You should actually carefully read this guide before you wear your next pair of jeans in the winter months to ensure that your outfit is looking its best. There are only two types of jeans that you should wear in the winter that will look great. And no, white jeans is not on the list! Ok, let’s take a look.

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Denim Jeans

Wearing these iconic pair of pants in the winter months is somewhat of a daily thing for many men. Who knew that denim jeans can actually go well with any type of shirt you choose to wear? While wearing denim jeans in the cold winter months is common, there are going to be some differences to when you would wear them in the warm summer months. 

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First of all, you need to figure out the right type of style of denim jeans to wear. Skinny and slim fitting denim jeans are comparatively close in their style, but ultimately, wearing skinny jeans will come down to an age factor. Let’s face it, wearing skinny jeans does not look that great on any man that is under the age of 30. Opt to wear slim denim jeans, which is the perfect balance between a skinny and regular fit. 


When creating a winter outfit with denim jeans, you first need to figure out what type of look you want to go for. A more casual look will lead you to wear a light wash denim jean while for a more business casual type of look, wearing a dark wash denim jean is recommended. Generally dark colour sweaters will go well with a light wash denim jean and the opposite with a dark wash jean.

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Because the winter months are generally cold, you need to wear shoes that are both warm and comfortable. Boots will be your preferred footwear for the winter with styles such as Chelsea and combat boots being your best picks. Two of the most popular winter footwear colours are black and dark brown, which will go well with any winter denim jeans outfit. 

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Black Jeans

Another great type of jeans to wear in the winter months are lack jeans. There are many reason for this, with the number one being that black jeans give off the impression of a more classic appearance. One example of how wearing a pair of black jeans in the winter is that if you want to look casual but more towards the business side, wearing black jeans with a turtleneck and a blazer will immediately look professional.

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Black jeans can go well with a variety of blazers, cardigans, and sweaters. You should wear slim black jeans in a more dressed up casual outfit, so wearing them with a blazer and a cardigan is recommended. Keep your clothing a dark colour when worn with black jeans because light colour tops do not go so well. Also, avoid tops that are too casual and oversized as this will take away the dressed up affect of wearing black jeans.

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As with wearing denim jeans, wearing black and brown leather boots is recommended. One tip to remember is that black footwear will always look better paired with black jeans than any other shoe colour.

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You can actually wear white jeans in the winter and be ok, but it is not highly recommended to because you will need to keep the rest of your outfit a neutral colour. And wearing a complete neutral colour outfit in the winter does not look that great. 

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