Spring Athleisure Look: Fashionable And Practical Tips For Women And Men

Athleisure is not exactly heading out of the gym after a sweaty workout and going about your day in smelly workout clothes. What is it then? The unique style that blends athletic wear with casual clothes. Think of someone who will wear Nike athletic pants and pair that with a button down collared shirt. This is an extreme example, but you can define athleisure fashion as that.

Ok, how can one wear athleisure without looking like a total fraud? You need to understand the dynamics of which garments you know that work well together, based on that you can subtract one piece for an athletic garment. IN tis article we will discuss some stylish ways how women and men can wear athleisure in the spring. We will also share some tips to remember when wearing this style. Ok, let’s take a look.


Let’s take a look at yoga pants. These pants were specifically designed for yoga but have widely been accepted as everyday wear by most women. You can definitely create a great style from yoga pants as a base. You can pair a denim jacket with ankle boots, and achieve a chic sophisticated look.

Yoga Pants High Waist H&M

Another style can be achieved by wearing a running jacket. This type of jacket is light and airy, suitable for cardiovascular activities meant to keep the body cool. One can easily pair this with denim jeans and a solid colour running shoes.


Track pants come to mind for many men. These pants were specifically created for track athletes to keep them warm before a race. These pants have become a wardrobe staple amongst many men, often turning to wear this on casual occasions. A creative look would be to pair these track pants with a button down flannel shirt with a graphic t-shirt underneath.

Joggers H&M

Basketball Shoes have become extremely popular amongst young men. These shoes are mostly high top, meaning that they are good for skinny or slim fit jeans. To complete the look, on can wear a solid colour hoodie.

Some Tips

  • You can use running shoes as a base to achieve almost any athleisure look
  • Be vary careful when attempting to wear athleisure to work
  • A blazer can be replaced by an athletic jacket such as a fashionable running jacket
Nike Air Force 1

Remember to use your sense when deciding to wear athleisure. Depending on the occasion, this type of wear will be frowned upon, such as at a business meeting. On the other hand, it is completely acceptable to wear athleisure to a casual stay at a coffee shop.

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