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The Top 5 Ways How Men Over 50 Can Dress For The Winter Season In Style

Fashion can be particularly precise, with insider instructions from so called “experts” on what you should specifically wear and at what point of the year. Well, to the uninformed person this might sound like great news, but it really isn’t. There needs to be individual creativity in your outfit selection and the “expert’s” opinion need […]

The Best Casual Winter Outfits That Men Can Create With Hiking Boots

When it comes to wearing hiking boots, the first thing that comes to mind is a rugged, outdoors type of man. But this is not entirely true of men who wear hiking boots today. Many men have been wearing hiking boots as part of their everyday outfits in the winter, from casual style to a […]

The Only 3 Ways How Women Should Wear White Jeans In The Winter For A Stylish Casual Outfit

For some reason, there are not that many women who embrace the idea of wearing white jeans in the winer months. But why? There are some common themes that come up such as not knowing the right type of tops to wear and also the outdated informal fashion rule of not wearing white after the […]

The Best Way To Wear A Faux Fur Coat On New Years Eve For A Chic Outfit

First of all, we believe wearing a faux fur coat is perfectly fine and often looks and feels much better than the real thing. Besides, who really wants to wear the fur from endangered species on their body as part of a New Year’s Eve outfit? That is really not the type of vibe that […]

The Best Winter Tops That Women Can Wear With A Gold Necklace To Create A Stylish Outfit

Who doesn’t love gold? Wearing a necklace is especially the best accessory that a woman can wear as part of a well put together outfit.  Sometimes you do not need to wear any other jewellery other than a gold necklace, due to the fact that nothing else can make your top stand out more.

The Top Winter Outfits That Women Can Create With Black Ankle Boots

There is no other footwear for women that is better suited to wear in the cooler months of the year that black ankle boots. You should know by now that wearing any type of boots is really seen as a necessity in the cold months. There are plenty of outfits that can be created with […]

Your Scandinavian Winter Fashion Guide For Men To Dress Stylish

When it comes to the region of Northern Europe called Scandinavia, there is nothing more famous than Ikea and their fashion scene. People around the word admire the way at how the locals take basic garments that are not right in colour and turn them into an incredible outfit, with minimalism being its core concept.

Top 5 Ways How Women Can Wear A Bomber Jacket In The Winter As Par Of A Stylish Casual Outfit

Not many women give the time of day for the notoriously hard to style with bomber jacket, but they really should. The bomber jacket has been widely accepted by men worldwide as a stylish and reliable jacket that is great to wear as part of a casual outfit. But why have women not? There are […]

5 Of The Best Winter Outfits That Women Can Create With Denim Jeans That Are Comfortable And Chic

Denim jeans of all types are great to wear in the winter months, especially if you are looking for a stylish comfortable pants that is hassle free and can go well with just about any top. When it comes to the winter months there is not any defined rules with denim jean, yes you should […]

Fashion And The Environment: A Guide To Sustainability And The Fashion Industry

Everybody, including their kids know when a big sale is about to begin at any given time at any given retail store on any given day. Yes, we went on about it, but the reality is that whenever there is a sale on clothes, especially designer clothes there will be a flood of customers. This […]