Best 3 Piece Spring Outfit That Women Can Wear That Is Comfortable And Stylish

The spring season is the perfect time to try out some new colours that you didn’t have a chance t wear in the previous winter season. Colours such as beige, light blue, and pastel green can all be introduced in the spring season. One of the best aspects about the weather being mild is that there is not a need to wear a thick jacket daily to keep warm and also there can be more flexibility in footwear selection. Three pieces are all that you need to create a stylish spring outfit.

In this article we will be discussing the best combination of 3 pieces, which will go together to create a spring outfit. Also, we will share some tips to remember when pairing certain pieces. Ok, let’s take a look.

Ankle Length Slacks H&M

Fitted Blazer, Running Shoes, & Mom Jens

For a stylish and chic spring outfit, opt to include a blazer paired with mom jeans. Your blazer should be fitted and consist of a dark colour such as navy blue or black. While your footwear will be black running shoes. Wear this outfit on a spring weekend out shopping.

Fitted Blazer H&M

White Blouse, Ankle Boots, & Black Pants

One of the most stylish ways how you can dress for the office in the spring will be to include a white blouse. While wearing a white blouse can be somewhat common, you will wear the v-neck type to stand out. Pants should be black while your footwear will be black leather ankle boots.

V-Neck Satin Blouse H&M

Cashmere Sweater, Running Shoes, & Short Denim Skirt

Around mid to late spring is when you can begin to wear a skirt comfortably outside. This is a great opportunity to wear a short denim skirt paired with either white or back running shoes. In order to stay warm even if the weather drops, wear a beige cashmere sweater

Short Denim Skirt H&M

Denim Overalls, Running Shoes, & A Cardigan

One of the most creative outfits n this list, you will definitely stand out, and in a good way. Wear denim overalls paired with a black cardigan and black running shoes. You can easily wear this creative outfit while at the park or just checking out the shops. 

Denim Overalls H&M

T-Shirt, Joggers, & Running Shoes

Sometimes you just want to be extremely comfortable and let loose. This is when wearing joggers will be the best choice. Pair your joggers with a plain t-shirt and white running shoes. Wear this outfit whenever you want to just feel comfortable and take a break from high fashion.

Linen Joggers H&M


When it comes to the type of accessories you can wear as part of a spring 3 piece outfit, less is better. Opt to war a simple necklace and bracelet, while your earrings should be medium size. Keep your handbag a solid colour that is neutral and can be paired well in any 3 piece outfit. For example, a medium size black handbag will be compatible in almost any outfit.

Gucci Handbag Net-A-Porter

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