Best Polka Dot Summer Garments For Women And Men

Yes, you either love them a lot or just a bit. But no one really ever hated polka dots. From dress shirts to maxi dresses, these famous dots have been a mainstay in fashion for some time now. But how can a person correctly assemble a good looking outfit with either big or small dots all over it?

We put together a list of some select summer garments from H&M that would be a great addition to your summer wardrobe.



This wrap over blouse can be incorporated into a casual summer outfit with either shorts or denim jeans.

Blouse H&M


This v-neck dress can be a good addition to any woman’s weekend afternoon outfit. Pair with your favourite sandals and unique accessories.

Dress H&M


This stylish pyjama set is great for lounging around the house on a hot summer day. No additional accessories or footwear is needed.

Pyjamas H&M



This grey dotted wool blazer is not for every man. A sense of creativity and sound fashion knowledge will assist you in choosing the best garments possible to compliment this blazer.

Blazer H&M

Short Sleeve Cotton Shirt

Wear this cotton shirt on a day out with friends. Pair with denim jeans and running shoes.

Cotton Shirt H&M


Wear this dotted satin tie with a white dress shirt. This can be worn as an alternate to a stripped tie.

Tie H&M

Polka dot garments can come in a variety of styles and colours which adds to the difficulty of finding complimentary garments, but with an eye for creativity, any polka dot inspired outfit is possible.

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