Brazilian Men’s Fashion: From Shorts And Sandals To Cool Evening Wear

Now, come on, who doesn’t like to be in an environment where the weather is hot and beaches are filled with people? Or, while walking down the street, a spontaneous mini street party is going on, with drinks and dancing? Of course we would like to go to this place, but where exactly is it? This country is called Brazil, which is located in South America and is well known for their beaches and vibrant lifestyle.

When it comes to men’s fashion, Brazil is more spontaneous than you think, where almost anything goes, from just wearing shorts with no shirt, to wearing a linen suit, the fashion scene is well suited to the tropical climate. In this article we will be discussing the different styles that men’s in Brazil like to wear and also we will share some style tips to remember when visiting Brazil. Ok, let’s take a look.

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The Beach

As we mentioned earlier in this article, beach wear plays a huge role in regard to fashion in Brazil. For men, this is typically a simple outfit consisting of the all popular surf shorts and sandals. Sometimes you will see men wearing a plain t-shirt with denim shorts, but this is rare.

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On The Street

Keeping with the casual atmosphere and laid back culture, streetwear in Brazil can be really simple of really complex. Most Brazilian men like to wear shorts. While you will see some wearing denim jeans the majority will actually be wearing shorts. You can easily pair your shorts with a t-shirt or short-sleeve oxford shirt depending on where you will be going. Footwear will be sandals or running shoes only. 

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Business Attire

When it comes to business attire, Brazilian men tend to ditch the two piece suit and opt to wear a tucked in white collar shirt with beige chinos or black suit pants. Wearing a tie is optional as just having one button undone is the favoured look. Wear brown or black derby shoes as footwear.

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Ok, so while waring a hat will definitely be useful to combat against the hot Brazilian sun, many men do not seem to wear one. Maybe it is because they like to show off their hair style, but we recommend to wear at least a cap to shield your scalp from being burned. Also, you can wear a bucket hat to shield against the sun and the unpredictable rain showers.

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Evening Wear

Brazilian cities really come alive in the evening, where restaurant patios are open and music can be heard all over the street. You want to dress casual but still really stylish. Opt to wear a pair of chinos witch a simple button down white shirt. Wear sandals if you will be outside most of the time.

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