Why Women Should Choose Their Lipstick Before Deciding What To Wear In The Summer

Looking back at the different summer fashion trends throughout the years, one aspect that has been missing is the concept of lip colour and how it can directly influence your outfit. One example of this can be when a red dress is worn with a darker colour lip shade, such as burgundy, which can be seen as either clashing in appearance or a juxtaposition of colours. While this concept has never really crossed many people’s mind, fashion insiders have been saying this for years.

In this article we will discuss how exactly you can correlate your summer outfit with the right lipstick colour. Also, we will share some tips to remember when deciding what lipstick to wear. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Maxi Dress

When it comes to what the best dress to wear in the hot summer months will be, we can all agree that the top of that list will be a maxi dress. A maxi dress is long and flows past your ankles, usually featuring some type of print design on it such as flowers. A good outfit example would be to wear a solid pastel colour maxi dress can be paired with white flat sandals and medium hoop earrings. A good lipstick colour would either be nude or slightly red with pink undertones.

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Denim Shorts With A Plain White T-Shirt

Who knows what the unofficial casual summer outfit for women is? Let us begin by saying denim shorts…paired with a plain white t-shirt. Undoubtedly the most popular outfit for summer, this can easily suite any lipstick colour shade of your liking. Remember to choose a lipstick shade that properly conveys the type of persona you want to project. If you are unsure, stick with a natural lip colour.

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Black Leggings With A White Blouse

It doesn’t really what part of the year you are in because black leggings can be worn year round. Pair black leggings with a white blouse for an easy and comfortable summer weekend outfit. Keep your footwear simple with wedges or flat sandals. A good lipstick shade to wear would be one that will keep with the white and black theme. As such, stick with neutral or a light shade.

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  • Darker colour lipstick shades are rarely worn in the summer months
  • Keep the direction of your outfit on point by wearing a complimentary lipstick
  • Overall, makeup should not be applied heavily in the summer
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These are just a few of the many ways on how an outfit can be complimented by waring the right lipstick shade. Overall the choice of lipstick shade is based on personal preference and this should only be used as a guide to push your fashion knowledge.

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