Casual Outfits That Men Can Wear When The Weather Is Not Hot Or Cold

As with most things in life, nothing is never straight forward. This can be very true in regard to the weather, one day it is hot outside the next day it is not. Obviously with climate change this has become more common leading to people not really knowing what to wear from day to day. 

In this article will talk about what types of outfits are best for these type of days and also some helpful tips to remember which will keep your outfit always looking good. Let’s take a look.

The Blazer

There is nothing wrong with wearing a blazer as part of a casual outfit, especially with denim jeans. Even with chinos, a blazer would go great but let’s stick to the denim jeans. It is best to wear a plain t-shirt underneath your blazer, which will be beneficial if the temperature suddenly become warmer.

Patterned Blazer H&M

As for your blazer, a patterned design or a light colour should be your go to choice. Wearing a dark colour blazer should only be worn when you are going to head to somewhere important, not for everyday casual wear. Keep your footwear stylish with the addition of loafers.

Turtleneck Sweater

Wear your turtleneck sweater with black jeans. No outerwear is needed as this sweater will give off the look that you are adequately warm even if you sweater is looking stylish. Keep you footwear casual with all white running shoes or desert boots.

Wool Turtleneck Sweater H&M

Windbreaker Jacket

This jacket is one of the best to wear in unpredictable weather. On one hand you can zip a windbreaker to keep you from getting chilly from the wind and on the other hand, the material is usually water repellant which is beneficial in rainy weather. 

Nike Windbreaker

Layering is your friend while wearing a windbreaker jacket so keep the current temperature in mind when you decide on what is going to be layered. A light sweater will be fine to wear underneath in weather around 15 to 25 degrees C.


  • Wearing shorts should be avoided in unpredictable weather
  • Keep sunglasses on you if you feel that it will become sunny later on in the day
  • Avoid wearing an all black outfit if the weather is closer to being hot
Polarized Sunglasses H&M

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