Casual Outfits That Women Can Wear In The Fall With Wide Leg Jeans That Look Extremely Stylish

Wide leg jeans have been increasingly gaining popularity amongst women in their twenties and thirties, which was not the case not that long ago. There is one aspect of wearing wide leg jeans that holds true who ever is wearing it, which is that these jeans are practically made for maximum comfortability and are well suited in a casual outfit.

Fall is one of the best times of the year to try some outfits that incorporate this jeans, from wearing a sweater to blouse, there is certainly an option that will suit your desired outfit. Let’s take a look.


An earth tone sweater work well while wearing a light colour wide leg jeans. You should wear a sweater that can comfortably sits at your waist. This sweater can have a thin jacket over it such as a windbreaker for protection from the elements. Keep your footwear comfortable with either a solid colour running shoes or loafers. Accessories are optional.

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We all know that wearing a white blouse with a dark wash denim jeans is a classic look, well the same holds true with wide leg jeans. Outerwear should be a trench coat with a belt. Keep your accessories medium size to tie in with your outfit.

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A patterned blazer can go well with a denim wide leg jeans.Be careful to keep your blazer colour on the darker side since you want your denim jeans to be the centre point of your outfit. Wear a dark t-shirt underneath your blazer and footwear should be a light colour heels. A mini tote handbag can be a stylish accessory to include in this outfit.

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