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Outfits That Men Can Wear For A Fall Evening Out At A Restaurant

Going out to eat at a restaurant is a great activity that is highly enjoyable and is seen as somewhat social. Of course you want to look your best while attending your dinner outside, so it is important to wear the appropriate clothing to create a stylish fall outfit. No running shoes allowed for this […]

How To Look Chic While Only Wearing Vintage Clothes From The Thrift Store

Thrifting has turned into somewhat of a sport nowadays. Gone are the time when people thrifted in secret, mainly because of a fear of being negatively judged by others. This new exposure to thrifting has been great for new comes and thrift stores but the “original thrifters” are pretty annoyed. No more heading to the […]

Why Women Should Wear These 3 Basic Casual Outfits In The Fall Season

Fall is the season that fashion lover wait for all year because that means you can layer, which is what fashion is all about right? Haha, but really layering is great and if done correctly, can be the difference between looking extremely stylish or just weird. There are three basic casual outfits that we are […]

The Best Type Of Commuter Bag That A Man Should Carry To The Office

We all hate it, but you have to get to the workplace one way or another which also means commuting. The typical commuting time to and from work is around 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Anyone who travels above 1.5 hours to and from work should look into finding a new job, because that is […]

How Wearing Desert Boots In The Fall Can Be The Perfect Choice For Casual Wear

Desert boots are that was mad popular around the 1950s, mainly starting in South Africa and spreading from these. These boots have followed the typical fashion ups and downs over the past decades, but one thing is for certain, the desert boots are now one of the most sought after footwear for men. You can […]

Why Men Should Ditch The Black Or Red Tie And Wear Other Colours Instead

Standard office wear is usually a two piece suit with either a red or navy blue tie. Which is not that great considering that many men tend to not deviate far from their comfort zone when it comes to tie colour selection. Keep in mind that there is actually nothing stopping many men from wearing […]

How To Quickly Start A Small Fashion Business: Turning Your Hobby Into Income

For the sake of this article, let’s assume you already have a general grasp of a facet of fashion. Whether it be designing, outfits, modelling, or industry trends, you are already well ahead of the rest of someone else who is thinking of starting their own small business in the fashion industry. 

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