Chic, Simple & Casual Women’s Outfits For Summer

Sometimes your look says it all without even talking or wearing bright colours and other times on lookers might view your outfit as not put together well and sloppy. Whatever outfit that is worn is a visual representation of your personality, creativity, and sense of style. Why not keep it simple yet chic with this year’s summer outfits.

There is no need for denim shorts paired with a t-shirt or the classic black leggings paired with whatever shirt that is readily available. This summer will be different, with simple and chic casual outfits that are extremely versatile from morning to night. Let’s take a look at some styles.


Everyone knows how a good fitting pair of denim jeans can enhance any summer outfit, but what about twill pants. Twill is a popular textured cotton fabric that has been increasingly been utilized in many new women’s and men’s garments. The unique texture of twill is perfectly suited to be paired with a sleeveless top, tank top, and even a blouse.

Twill Pants Net-A-Porter


Flat sandals are a summer staple, but with this type of outfit it will not fit. Instead avoid flats and opt for wedge sandals and heels. Bright colours are ideal such as pink, orange, and sky blue. Keep in mind that this footwear can be worn all day long.

Wedge Heel Sandals Net-A-Porter


NO plain boring old t-shirts here. Instead stay chic with a simple yet stylish tunic, blouse, sheer shirt, or off-shoulder top. Floral prints, animal prints, and earth tones are the most ideal colours for the summer months. 

Tunic Top H&M


The maxi dress is about the only dress you need to own in the summer. Simple styles as earth tones and minimal floral print is all that is needed to achieve your desired look. Wedge heels will tie in the outfit to present a cohesive look.

Floral Print Maxi Dress Net-A-Porter


The summer is when creativity should be flowing, leading you to house earrings and bracelets that would not be normally worn by yourself. This is also a good indicator of how much you are willing to step out of your  comfort zone to achieve your desired outfit. Stick with light colours and keep the accessories simple.

Gold Shell Bracelet Net-A-Porter


  • Wear two pieces max for a simple outfit
  • Keep your accessories to a minimum when wearing denim jeans
  • A long dress can be worn with strapy sandals for a stylish summer weekend outfit

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