Classic, Creative, And Hype: Why Men Shouldn’t Be Stuck In A Box With Their Style

Let’s think for one-second and ask ourselves why do men immediately jump into one genre of style and stick with that throughout the many seasons, and ultimately throughout their entire lives? This has been a question that has not been asked and really should be addressed, because at coatFibers, we like to encourage men and women to try various types of styles in their daily outfits and this concept of sticking to one defined area of style does not sit well with us. The concept of style is not to simply embrace a few classic pieces for example, but to actually think outside of the box, experiment with new pieces, and combine the best pieces to create a well thought of outfit that looks great.

That is why we have created this article, which will explain the difference between classic, creative, and hype style and how best you can implement certain concepts to create a great outfit, no matter what season it is. Also, we will share some useful tips and outfit ideas that will benefit your style and fashion knowledge in the long run. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Classic Style

When it comes to wearing a classic style, what has worked for many years is what you will often stick to. Meaning, let’s say that you know how good a well fitting pair of jeans will make your outfit, therefore you will not really deviate from your denim jeans style that you have been wearing for decades. Another way on how you can describe a classic style is that you will not really take risks with your pieces and will rarely wear an unseasonal colour.

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Creative Style

Now, wearing a creative style is more than just throwing on some random pieces and entails much more thought that one can imagine.As the definition of creative says, you ned to really think out of the box and have a desire to experiment with unseasonal pieces, different colours, and generally a really open mind when it comes to style. 

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Some of the best ways how men can get inspiration for their creative style is to take a look on social media and also use some inspiration from the environment around you. Take for example a famous social media icon is wearing something that you like, but you find it a bit boring. You can simply find a similar piece that is a different colours and then try an incorporate it into your style.

Hype Style

Having a hype style is one of the best ways how to look completely updated and also a great way how to blend in with the trends. Meaning that when you have a hype style, you are generally wearing exclusively what is hot for the moment and not really taking into account any common classic pieces. So, we can really say that this type of style is completely opposite of a classic style.

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Some common elements of hype style include high price running shoes that are relatively difficult to find, everything designer name brand, and also a flair for accessories such as a fanny pack or a man bag

Incorporating Different Styles Into One Outfit

There really is a way how men can take elements from different styes to create something that is truly unique and also looks great. The best way how to do this is with careful planning and knowledge of which one of your favourite pieces go together.

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