Cool aka Hype Beast: From Individual To Follower. How Hype Beast Fashion Has Influenced Us All

Some will say that the whole hype beast fashion scene is just a fad others argue that it is a legitimate part of the fashion world and should be respected as such. The truth is that it is more of an establishment/anti-establishment fashion movement. The paradoxes are as complex as why some choose to follow this fashion culture.  

Yes culture. If we look back at the term “hype beast,” you will note that it was synonymous with someone (usually a male) who who wear only name brand clothes to impress others. This term was somewhat derogatory until a website was started by that same name. Gaining popularity and really putting some respect on the hype beast culture. This article will answer many questions around this expensive segment of fashion.

The Most Important Requirement

The most, if not only starting requirement of becoming a hype beast is that you need to own of purchase trending name brand streetwear. Brands such as Supreme, Off White, A Bathing Ape, and Kith are staples to this culture. 

Over the past few years, high end brands started to see the huge appeal of the hype beast culture and started to do collaborations. This was unthinkable in the fashion world not even 5 years ago. But now a collaboration between Louis Vuitton x Supreme is seen as something regular.


You need to have a good amount of money to keep up in this ever evolving culture of fashion. One example would be like this: The highly anticipated sneaker collaboration that you bought 2 years ago is no longer popular. But since you are a hype beast, you are prepared for this. You quickly head online and post it for sale. The good thing is that the collaboration you own is most likely worth over three times the amount you bought it for.

This is because these traditional high end fashion brands will rarely want to have their brand associated with streetwear. Only when the hype for the streetwear brand is so much to ignore is when brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton will actively see out to create a collaboration piece.

The Current State Of The Culture

Gone are the days when being a hypebeast was seen as a foolish sense of fashion. Right now people are actively searching online for resale hype beast pieces to buy. Many people who do not know the origins of the culture are really just in it for the money. It is no wonder when there is a collaboration announcement, people are lining up in front of the store weeks before the actual launch date.

Right now you can not expect to get your hands on any brand new hypebeast clothing. The culture has become so lucrative that many original hype beast wearers are actively starting an anti-hypebeast campaign against the perceived corporate sabotage of a once underground like culture.

Off-White x Nike Air collaboration shoes

One can only wonder how long this current state of hype beast fashion culture will late. But one thing is for sure, the prices will continue to rise as there are many collaborations to be released in the near future.

Please leave a comment and let us know if you are a part of hypebeast fashion culture.


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