Cool Summer Outfits That Men Can Wear Featuring Swim Shorts To Have That Beach Look While Not At The Beach

Ok, so there are many women who would not really like to admit this but they would not mind to just wear a summer beach outfit while not on the beach also. But before we even talk about if this is even possible and how to go about this, lets mention a few reasons why someone would consider to wear this type of outfit. For one, swim shorts are extremely versatile and can come in handy in a variety of situations. Also, with the summer weather often times being extremely hot, there is no other way to cool down without getting indoors to an air conditioner than with your outfit.

Again, swim shorts are light and airy and can actually cool you down much more quicker than if you were wearing denim shorts or pants. In this article we will discuss the best ways how men can wear swim shorts in the summer as part of an every day outfit. Also, we will share some tips to remember when wearing swim shorts that will assure that your outfit looks its best. Ok let’s take a look.

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Rules To remember When Wearing Swim Shorts As Part Of A Casual Summer Outfit

There are some rules that men should remember before deciding to wear swim shorts in the summer while not at the beach. 

Wear Sandals

There is no point in thinking that you will be wearing any type of closed footwear while wearing swim shorts…because you won’t. Why? The main reason for this is because you want to keep with the beach look, which we all know that you would not be wearing running shoes on sand. Also, wearing any type of closed footwear paired with swim shorts is just not good fashion sense and actually looks horrible. Wear black or dark brown leather sandals instead.

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Keep Your Shirt Simple 

Forget about even thinking of wearing a blazer or suit shirt with your swim shorts. Instead, your preferred shirt options should e simple such as a t-shirt, sleeveless shirt, and occasional button down shirt. Colours such as white, blues, and cream should be worn.

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Accessories Are Welcome

While you can easily pile on the accessories all you want, but there needs to be a strategy to it. Don’t just think that you can wear a baseball cap  paired with sunglasses and a messenger bag and think that looks good. This is just too many accessories to wear at once for  simple swim shorts summer outfit. Instead opt to wear only two pieces at a time. So for example, wear sunglasses and a messenger bag for a cool look.

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Best Type Of Swim Shorts To Wear

Not all swim short should be worn in a casual summer outfit and we will tell you why. Mainly the reason for this is because even though may swim shorts are unique colours, it’s not a smart idea to pair a white button down shirt with turquoise swim shorts. What men should do is wear swim shorts that are mainly black, grey, beige, red, and blue, which will go great with many stylish shirts.

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