Creative Ways How Women Can Wear A Denim Skirt In Early Spring With Running Shoes

Usually women are eager to ditch the cold weather gear as soon as the weather gets a bit warm, with heavy jackets switched out for something lighter. This is somewhat true when it comes to bottoms, but not entirely. What will usually happen is that typical dark colour pants such as black denim and black dress pants will get switched for more light colours such as blue and beige. Also, the addition of a skirt can now be added to your wardrobe for the spring, which is a warm welcome for many women.

In this article we will be discussing some creative ways how women can wear a denim skirt in the early spring months specifically featuring running shoes. We will also discuss some tips to remember when deciding to wear a denim skirt. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Types Of Denim Skirt


The most popular type of denim skirt is the short style with black being a preferred colour amongst many women. You can easily wear this in the spring months but typically it is not recommended to wear a short denim skirt in the early part of the season.

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There are many challenges that will not be worth wearing a short denim skirt until mid spring, with the main one being that your legs will get really cold. But if you really want to wear this denim skirt style, opt to layer on top of black leggings for warmth. Your running shoes should be white.

Knee Length

A knee length denim skirt is great to wear in the early spring months with tights underneath. Typically, you would wear black tights, which will go well with a pair of all black shoes. Complimenting tops that will go well with your knee length denim skirt include a cardigan, knit sweater, or a turtleneck.

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A-Line Denim Skirt

An a-line denim skirt is one of the less known styes and is rarely worn. Partly due to a lack of information on outfit styles and also because careful selection of pieces need to be chosen when creating an outfit with an a-line denim skirt. Because this type of denim skirt is long you can get away without wearing any type of tights underneath an instead wear ankle socks. Wear a tucked in shirt when wearing an a-line denim skirt for a better overall look.

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Outfit Tips

  • When wearing a black denim skirt, opt to keep your footwear a dark colour
  • Wear a cardigan when wearing a short denim skirt for a polished look
  • A warm colour top should be worn with a knee length denim skirt
  • A small or medium size handbag is best when wearing any denim skirt
  • Outerwear should be a light jacket such as a windbreaker or light bomber jacket
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