Different Types Of Summer Outfits That Can Be Worn With Statement Earrings

When someone mentions that they are wearing statement earrings, what exactly are they really talking about? These are the type of earrings that can be worn to either spice up an outfit or make your outfit look terrible. A good example of labelling earrings statement earrings will ultimately come down to the type of outfit you are wearing. for example, if you wear a beige dress paired with black heels, there really isn’t any piece that stands out since this is a completely neutral colour outfit. This is when you wear earrings that are really noticeable, which inherently makes a statement.

Making sure to correctly pair the right outfit with the appropriate earrings is imperative in today’s fashion culture. That is why we have created this article, which will help define the 3 most common type of earrings that can be considered statement earrings. Ok, let’s take a look.

Elongated Earrings

Wearing elongated earrings are great with a dress or a long skirt. Elegant and classy, these earrings are a go to for many woman when they are attending a formal event. One example of a great outfit would be that of a checkered dress paired with black pumps and gold elongated earrings with an accent colour. Also, when wearing elongated earrings, opt to keep your handbag small or carry just a wallet instead.

Elongated Pearl Earrings Net-A-Porter

The impact on your look is immediate and positive, giving your outfit a highly classy look.


Wear hoop earrings when you wear a casual outfit featuring denim jeans or joggers. A casual outfit that can incorporate hoop earrings can feature a plain t-shirt tucked into a high waist denim jeans. For a sophisticated casual look, think of wearing a dark denim jeans paired with light colour blouse. Footwear should be leather ankle boots or black pumps.

Alexander McQueen Hoop Earrings Net-A-Porter


Wear an off-shoulder shirts or long dress with tassel earrings. Creativity is embraced while wearing this type of earrings, which can reflect positively on your overall outfit. A great summer outfit that can incorporate tassel earrings will to wear a floral print maxi dress paired with cream colour heels. Tassel earrings look classy and will complement your style especially in the summer months.

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  • Statement earrings should be rarely worn in a business setting
  • Use your creativity when deciding which outfit to wear with your statement earrings
  • Simple outfits are great with statement earrings

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