Ditch the Two Piece Suit: A Men’s Guide To Wearing A Blazer At The Workplace In The Winter

We all know the official workplace attire of a two piece suit, paired with dress shoes. Yes, we get it, sometimes you cannot divert from this type of outfit but if you can, then this article is for you. The tired and boring trend of wearing a black blazer and dress pants paired with a tucked in dress shirt is all but seen as outdated and unfashionable. People in the age bracket of 30 to 40 years old have ben leading in terms of workplace attire.

We will be discussing the best ways that men can incorporate a blazer into their winter workplace style. Offering some outfit ideas and some tips to remember that will benefit your look. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Grey Blazer

There will always be those people that do not like to wear the colour grey, no matter what piece they are wearing. This is ok, because now you can be seen as being at the forefront of fashion, especially amongst your peers. Pair a grey blazer with a tucked in white dress shirt and black wool pants. Your footwear should be black leather derby shoes.

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Black Blazer

Wearing a black blazer to the workplace as part of a winter outfit is as common as wearing a white dress shirt. Use your creativity when wearing a black blazer to make your outfit stand out. Try to pair your black blazer with kaki chinos or navy blue dress pants. Your footwear should be dark brown dress shoes.

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Navy Blue Blazer

Wearing nave blue to the workplace is a great choice, especially when you become accustomed to wearing a black blazer. Navy blue can go great with colours such as white, grey, black, and even a cream colour. A good outfit to try should consist of a navy blue blazer with a button down grey Oxford shirt. You want your pants to be black chinos, while your footwear can be dark brown desert boots.

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Casual Wear Day

Most workplaces have at least one day of the week where you can ditch your suit and tie for a more relaxed outfit. For men, this typically means that business casual will be worn. Wear a dark blazer, either black or navy blue, paired with regular wash denim jeans.

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You can go stylish with your sweater by wearing a beige turtleneck. Keep your footwear stylish by wearing black Chelsea boots.


Hands down, the best type of outerwear that you can wear while wearing a blazer in the winter months will be a long wool coat. There can be some variation, but for the most part, dark colours will be considered the most versatile. If you will only have one wool coat in your wardrobe, black will be the colour to have.

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  • Black and navy blue are the most popular type of blazer colours
  • Keep your footwear stylish with dress shoes or derby shoes
  • You should not match your pants with your blazer
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