Early Spring Outfits That Men Can Wear With Black Running Shoes

Early spring is the time of the year when the temperatures finally begin to reach above zero degrees celsius and when the snow is no where to be seen. This is the perfect time to take out pieces that have been in the closet for months and embrace light colours. Running shoes can now be swapped for boots while your parka should be let go for a more lighter jacket.

In tis article we will discuss the best outfits to wear in the early spring while wearing black running shoes. Let’s take a look.

Nike Running Shoes

Trench Coat

Wear navy blue cotton or twill joggers with your beige trench coat. You want to keep your top a dark colour, so wear a plain black crew neck sweater. When it comes to your trench coat, you want to keep it unbuttoned, as this will showcase your black top and navy blue pants, which will tie in to your black running shoes.

Double Breasted Trench Coat Topman

Beige Chinos

This outfit does not include any outerwear, so only wear this when the weather is dry. You want to wear your beige chinos with a cream colour textured sweater. This outfit is great because you the black running shoes will add some contrast to the cream and beige pieces.

Beige Chinos H&M

Button-Down Shirt

A stylish casual outfit should at some point feature a button-down shirt. This shirt should be dark green, which will go well with slim fitting denim jeans and an all black pair of shoes. In case there is rain in the forecast, wear a light colour windbreaker jacket.

Button-Down Shirt H&M

Flanel Shirt

A good weekend outfit should be comfortable and look great. This is why for this outfit we decided to include a flannel shirt. Wear your flannel shirt with black or denim jeans. While you do not necessarily need to wear a jacket, it is recommended to at least bring an umbrella in case it begins to rain.

Cotton Flanel Shirt H&M

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