Embracing Embroidered Clothing: The Right Way How Women Should Wear Embroidery In Their Cold Weather Fashion

We all know about embroidery when it comes to art work, which has a huge following amongst fellow embroiders. But what about embroidered clothes? There is so much that the average consumer is missing out on in terms of embracing embroidery in their fashion. From pants, to sweater, to jackets, the possibilities are endless when embroidery in mixed into clothing.

In this article well will be discussing various outfit ideas that can be created with an embroidered cold weather clothing as your statement piece. We will also discuss some helpful tips that you can use to help form your overall outfit. Let’s take a look.


Much can be said about the pop culture embroidered images that you see on young adults amongst their jackets. But that is just it! Instead of looking at an embroidered image on, say an oversized denim jacket and thinking to yourself that this garment has been ruined. You should try to embrace the creativity and realize that this has instantly become the overall outfit statement piece, even if that was not the original intention.

Embroidered Balenciaga Denim Jacket Net-A-Porter

Some great embroidered outerwear are denim and leather jackets. For the cold weather, it is recommended to layer your pieces. Meaning that a hoodie can easily be layered underneath an oversized embroidered denim jacket as can a wool sweater be layered under a leather jacket. One tip to remember, is that embroidered outerwear is mainly reserved for casual wear.

Embroidered Moschino Leather Biker Jacket Net-A-Porter


Typically the brand logo will be embroidered on crew neck or hoodie sweaters, making this a great casual top to wear in the fall or winter months. Denim jeans or leggings should be your choice pair of pants to wear as will cold weather boots too. Heeled boots will work well also while wearing a skirt.

Belnciaga Embroidered Sweater Net-A-Porter


  • Wash embroidered clothing in cold water for bet results
  • Only wear one embroidered piece in an outfit
  • Hand wash the embroidery before putting it in a washer
Embroidered Moschino Sweater Net-A-Porter

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