Every Woman Must Have These Classic Spring Fashion Staples

We all know that modern fashion has been called fast fashion, and for good reason. You see when big brands such as H&M and Zara started to become popular, many consumers started to demand new releases quicker than the traditional fashion cycle. This lead to new trends becoming popular every month, which in turn has lead many people to always keep up to date on what is new and trending to look modern.

While this is ok in a way, the knowledgeable fashion reader knows that there are some pieces that will never go out of style. Well as fas as we can see! These pieces are extremely versatile, which can be worn in a variety of situations and also can be the foundation on which you build your outfit. Let’s take a look.

Slim High Ankle Mom Jeans H&M

Black Blazer

You really can not go wrong with owing a fitted black blazer. Great for the workplace and for an evening out, you can either wear heels or flats to compliment your look. A classic look would be denim jeans, black flats, with a white collared button down shirt. This can be a spring or summer evening look.

Fitted Blazer H&M

Black Pumps

Pumps are one of the most versatile footwear for the stylish woman. Footwear for the workplace, check. Footwear for your favourite dress, check. Footwear with stylish jeans, check. Black pumps are recommended because you can wear a variety of colours and your footwear would not look out of place.

Suede Pumps H&M

Black Skinny Jeans

Thinking of going out on a casual trip to the mall? Well black jeans should be your go to pants regardless of the setting you will be heading to. Except for a formal setting! Wear your black jeans with any variety of top that you like. Because the jeans are dark, you can get away with wearing them as a smart casual look as well. It all comes down to what footwear you choose. Boots are definitely more formal than any pair of running shoes.

Skinny Black Jeans H&M

White Blouse

It doesn’t matter if you are heading to a job interview of heading into the workplace, a white blouse will always be fit for any situation. You can choose to wear a skirt, or maybe a dress pants, or if you wanted even denim jeans, all of these options are fine. Refine your look by deciding which accessory would compliment your outfit.

White Blouse H&M


  • Wear dark jeans for a sleek look
  • Wear white running shoes if you are going to have on a light colour pants
  • A loose fitting shirt should be paired with tapered pants
Skinny High Ankle Jeans H&M

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