Fashion And Your Hair Type: How Women Can Dress According To Their Hair Colour In The Spring

When it comes to hair and fashion, undoubtedly brunettes have it the easiest when it comes to choosing what to wear on a daily basis. Not only do they have an unlimited choice on what to wear but they also can get away with a few fashion mistakes than others such as blondes and red heads.

The main reason for this is because even if a brunette wore a bright orange sweater they could always balance it out with a denim jeans or black leggings. Blonds not so much. Hair colour should be one of the biggest considerations when it pertains to the selection of clothes one buys and wears. We will go through the do’s and dont’s of avoiding common styling mistakes when it comes to hair colour.

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Dark colours should be plentiful in your wardrobe. Items such as black leggings, navy blue blouses and shirts, and black shoes are great choices. A great casual outfit would be denim jeans paired with black running shoes and a dark green blouse.

Colours to avoid: Mainly cool colours such as yellow, pale pink and blue, and bright orange

Red Heads

Many red heads tend to think that they should never wear any type of red, this is true to some extend. A darker type of reddish brown colour called burgundy is perfectly suitable to be worn. Also colours such as green and blue are great. An example of a casual outfit would be black jeans with black ankle boots. The shirt can be either green or burgundy in colour.

Colours to avoid: Yellow and orange

Brunettes/Black Hair

We classified brunettes with black hair for the similarities one can achieve with these two hair colours. For starters these colours are the easiest to dress for. Deciding to wear funky colours paired with a dark brown leather boot; No problem!


  • Wearing pastel tones work best with blond hair
  • Great colour that brunettes can wear include light brown, jade green, and orange
  • Green, navy blue, and beige are the best colours to wear with red hair
  • Wear clothing that matches your hair for a sophisticated look
  • Wear clothing that contrasts from your hair for a bold look
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The only mistake one with these either of these hair colours can make with their style is by having no fashion sense at all. Many combinations of garments exist for this group to create the best outfit possible. Creativity is all that is needed.

Colours to avoid: None

Please leave a comment and let us know how you dress for your hair colour.


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