What Men And Women Can Wear To A Spring job Interview That Is Both Stylish And Appropriate

You’ve been applying day and night until finally you land a call for a job interview. Naturally you are nervous and excited at the same time, remembering to focus o showcasing your talents  and knowledge of the company. But what will you wear? 

It all depends on the type of job you are applying to. It could be a casual position that is suitable for casual type of clothes, something professional that will require to to pick out your best outfit, or also a position that is a mixture of the both which has become more common recently. The latter will require you to think out of the box to strike a balance in formal and casual. Let’s take a look at some ways you can dress for that job interview.


Casual Position Interview

Ok this is not the time to get out your blazer and dress pants. You need to look the part, which would mean to find something to wear that says smart casual. A good outfit would be a dark coloured chinos and cotton dress shirt. You don’t need to wear dress shoes but something similar such as loafers, desert boots, or a sleek lace leather boots. 

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Professional Position Interview

You really need to pay attention to the details when dressing for this type of interview. Unlike in a casual position interview where the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed, the completely opposite is often the fact with a professional position interview. Remember, you are most likely applying to a corporate position and image matters is very important. Qualities such as high confidence in stye and personality can go a long way to a successful corporate interview and career.

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A two-piece suit is the safest option when attending this type of interview. Navy blue is perfect. A white dress shirt with a solid colour tie is best, while black or dark brown dress shoes can be worn to complete your look.


Casual Position Interview

Many women find it particularly hard to dress for a casual interview in terms of not appearing over dressed. One way to think about the interview is to keep in mind your position you applied for.  Regardless, the best choice would be to wear a white cotton dress shirt with slim fit dress pants. You can either wear dark flat shoes or black ankle boots.

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Professional Position Interview

Time to take out the blazer and skirt. A powerful outfit would be either a navy blue or black blazer and dress pants or skirt combination with a white dress shirt underneath. You should wear a dark coloured stockings and basic black heels. For accessories, stud type of earrings should be worn. While a necklace should be excluded.

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Some Tips On What Not To Wear

  • Do not wear excessive perfume
  • Do not wear any type of running shoes
  • Do not wear flashy jewelry
  • Do not wear any type of hat
  • Do not wear low cut tops
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Please leave a comment and let us know how you would dress for a job interview.


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