How Men Can Dress When Travelling From A Cold To A Warm Climate In The Fall

We have all been through this. It’s winter, the temperature right now is well below freezing, but we will be heading out for our vacation to South East Asia. What is suitable to pack and also to wear on the trip going there. Common sense says to make sure that you bring your summer gear. Shorts, t-shirts, sandals, etc. But what are you going to wear while on the airplane for 10hrs? Remember you left from a cooler climate than your destination so dress accordingly.

In this article we will be discussing the best ways how men can dress for a vacation when travelling from an extreme opposite climate. We will also share some ideas to remember to keep your travel outfit looking stylish. Ok, let’s take a look.

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You have to layer in this situation. If not for the cool look, it is more for the versatility of layering. There is no ned to board the air plane with a thick sweater under a warm parka. The easiest solution would be to wear a short sleeve or light long sleeve shirt under a jacket usually reserved for the autumn. 

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This is advantageous in many ways. Once you get closer to your destination, the temperature will inevitably rise causing you discomfort. Remember you have been in a literal ice box for months. To ease the body into getting accustomed to the warmer temperature, all you would need to do is to remove the autumn jacket. Your body will begin to adjust and your transition to your vacation spot will be more pleasant.

Pants and Shoes

There is almost no difference on the type of pants you would travel with from when you were back in the cooler temperatures. Unless you wore underpants to fight off cold legs, it is wise to not travel with those. Other than that jeans, chinos, and track pants are all suitable for the flight.  No heavy winter boots as those boots are for cold temperatures only and your feet will become extremely sweaty. Imagine being on the air plane with heavy winter boots on, only to eventually be uncomfortable enough to take them off.

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I don’t think other passengers will appreciate the smell of sweaty feet. This doesn’t mean to do the complete opposite and wear sandals right when you board the airplane either. Don’t forget about the elevation of many flights, which high altitude is not known for being warm so wearing a pair of trainers will be sufficient.

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Your Outfit For On The Way Back Home

I know you had a great vacation. Sitting under the sun, enjoying the sandy beaches, partying all night, but now it’s time to go back into the cold. We have all seen those travellers who, for one last time, will get on the flight with only a t-shirt and shorts. Big mistake!

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By the time their flight is over a cooler region, they begin to regret packing all of their warm clothes in their checked luggage. Al they can do is put their arm in their shirt and complain about how cold it is. You wouldn’t want to get sick the day before you go back to work, right?

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