Fashion While Your Body Changes: Tips For Women And Men

You have started to see progress from your new year’s resolution of weight loss. But there is just one problem, you have noticed that your clothes are getting really loose and your denim jeans might fall off of your waist at any moment. This is generally good news, but you have an appearance to maintain, and extra bag garments do not help.

Naturally as humans we tend to strive for some sort of comparison. We compare our looks to each other, our clothes, and certainly our perceived wealth. When it comes to changes with our body we tend to do that as well. We might hang a pair of denim jeans a couple of sizes smaller in our closet and give ourself a goal of three months to fit in them. Or we would give ourself a certain time to gain muscle and compare that with professional athletes. 

When it come to our clothes we tend to over think the obvious. “What will we wear while our body composition is changing?” Instead we should be asking, “What can we wear to feel comfortable while our body composition is changing.” There is actually no need to go out and buy new clothes when you achieve a little progress on your weight goal. This is because it is too early to gauge if you will actually maintain this weight 6 months or longer. 

So what can one wear in this period to feel comfortable, still focusing on their body goals? Let’s take a look.

For Women

There are actually quite a number of options in regards to clothing while your body composition is changing. Instead of regular denim jeans, you can opt to wear the stretch type of denim jeans. But the ultimate pants for this period are leggings. There really is no difference in look with leggings within a 15lbs range of weight loss or gain. You can always wear your now slightly larger shirts as an oversized look with your leggings, still staying motivated by reminding yourself of new clothes soon.

High Waist Leggings H&M

For Men

Many men tend to ditch the jeans and opt to wear track pants while they are working on their body composition. Also most men tend to buy slightly larger shirts for motivation, mostly for an increase in muscle size. Which can take a lot longer than they think. Wearing a Sweater is good in order to conceal weight gain, which is good when a confidence boost is needed.

Cotton Sweater H&M

How your clothes feel is as important as your progress to your body goals. Keep this in mind to avoid the common fashion mistakes during this period.


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