How Men And Women Can Wear Linen In Their Spring Outfit For A Laid Back Look

We all know about cotton t-shirts for summer. Who doesn’t? But did you know that a material called linen has been used for centuries in the making of garments. From ancient Egypt to famous political figures, linen has been a cool but misunderstood fabric. Linen is made from the stalk flax plant, which is robust against insects and drought.

Most associated with the “dad look” of linen buttons up short sleeve shirts, this fabric has been given a negative outlook. This is often due to many people not knowing when to wear this fabric. And also what they can actually pair it with. Let us take a look to see some ideas.


Yes we get it you want to keep cool in the summer by wearing something light. Linen is the best choice for such an outcome. But please do not overdue the linen look. In no way should linen be paired with top and bottom wear. The result would not look so good. Rather if you opt to wear a linen top, it should be expected that you wear something casual such as a pair of jeans to contrast the textures.

Linen Blend Shirt H&M

A slimmer cut linen piece is definitely more appealing than loose fitting. Blended linen and another material will significantly cut down on the creases, since line is known to crease easily.


In ancient Egypt linen was the textile of choice and Cleopatra had many garments made out of this material. Fast forward to the present and linen is still being used in the fashion world. A good garment to wear in the summer would be a linen dress. It will keep you cool and decrease your sweating.

Linen Blend Blazer H&M

Also, linen pant would do great to complete any summer look. Paired with a different textured shirt, linen can really u your fashion sense and style. Just remember to keep linen fabrics closer to the body to reduce creasing.

Please comment and let us know if you wear linen and how the fabric is incorporated into your wardrobe.


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