Fashion: Feeling or Looking Good, What’s More Important To You? More Than Just Clothing

The cynical people have already answered this question in their head without even thinking twice about it. The world over is always fed the line that it doesn’t matter what you really wear as long as you feel good inside. Now don’t start agreeing with that analogy just yet. We can break down what it is really like to look and feel good at the same time. Not kidding, this is entirely possible with a little push in the right direction.

In this article we will be discussing how fashion can impact your everyday life, albeit in a positive or negative way. Also, we will be discussing some tips and techniques to remember when your fashion becomes overwhelming. Ok, let’s take a look.

Too Cool

Feeling Good

Ok, so you woke up this morning and decided to put on a pair of faded dress pants, which is the only dress pants you actually have because you have been procrastinating about buying new ones for work. You have a nice dress shirt but your shoes are dirty, because you don’t clean your shoes, the weather does. I know some of you are agreeing, haha. 

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But then again, these ARE your favourite combination of garments to wear together. You even call these pieces your good luck look. Of course, that great feeling you had when you courageously went into the bosses office asked and got that raise you demanded. Good times. But you have been in that workplace five years since that big raise and have seen little bump in compensation since. 

Man in dress pants with a tucked in t-shirt

So every first day of the month, you wear your feel good, lucky outfit. Hoping to replicate the day your pay entered into a higher marginal tax bracket. The over all look is not good at all though.

Looking Good

Let’s assume that your fashion sense is up there. You know what trends should really be trending and how to put together any look for whatever occasion arises. But in your heart, you know that you do not feel like the smartest person in the room, thank you Harvard business degree, or the confident person you want to be. Because you dress for other people and not yourself. Wearing high heels or a leather jacket. You wore it because it is in style. 

Woman outside with scarf and handbag

Not only do other people around you know when you are faking a look, but it is not good for overall health. Many people live their life wearing clothes that their immediate circle would approve of, not thinking of themselves. This selflessness will lead one to lose any confidence they had, leading to any aspects in personal and professional life.

Looking and Feeling Good. How?

The “I don’t care what I wear out, because I feel good” person really does not think about if their look for example is appropriate for that important business meeting. And the “I feel like crap, but hey I look really good” person would rather deteriorate inside to supposedly show the world how superior their fashion sense really is. 

Man on bench with style. Projected confidence says it all!

These two extremes opposite characteristics are just that, extreme. No one said that you can’t but more thought into your look to achieve the perfect balance of looking and feeling good a the same time. You just need to embrace a little bit of both spectrums. I guarantee you will feel renewed with your new look, inside and outside.

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