Five Classic French Women’s Fashion Staples

When we think of France the first thought that comes into mind is the city of Paris, and the Eiffel tower in particular. Then baguettes second. Fashion tends to follow these two thoughts because the French fashion culture has been mostly steady with classic French pieces being re-introduced or left entirely the same. But more attention needs to be brought on the French fashion staples.

Essentially, garments that are in every French women’s closet and is worn more most often that other garments. The French are particular about their style and tend to stick with the classics, which the world has embraced as well.

Let’s take a look at the top five pieces.

1.   Straight Leg Denim Jeans

This type of denim jeans can be seen on women all over France from Paris to Marseille. Usually these denim jeans are paired with a black blazer and ankle boots. 

2.   Oxford Shirt

The white Oxford shirt is a French classic and can be seen worn from young and old. Pair your Oxford shirt with straight denim jeans and black ankle boots for a classic French look.

3.   Oversized Sweater

The French love to style and comfortability is a key part of their fashion. An oversized sweater is great for lat Autumn and winter. Neutral colours such as clay brown and beige are amongst the most favourites.

4.   Little Black Dress

Why this dress you ask? Well simply because a little black dress has been as French as a baguette when it comes to a French woman’s identity. This dress is practically treated as a second uniform when any occasion arises. From job interviews to dinner dates, you can count on the appearance of the little black dress.

5.   Black Flats

Keeping with comfortability, the black flat shoes that many French women wear comes down more to being compatible with a variety of classic French outfits than an overall statement maker. The French fashion is centred around the clothes and shoes are typically secondary in many outfits.

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