Follow These Steps To Clean Your Canvass Shoes In The Summer

Vans has created a somewhat cult following regarding their shoes for decades now. And for good reason too. The canvass designed shoes are simplistic yet stylish at the same time. This has become a hit amongst young men and women who love that the shoes are extremely comfortable and stylish.

Unfortunately, Vans shoes like any other shoes can become dirty and need to have a good cleaning. But how exactly can you clean a pair of shoes mainly made of canvass material without causing damage? Let’s take a look to find out how.

Step 1

Remove Any Excess Dirt

It is extremely important to remove any large pieces of dirt by hand before beginning the cleaning process. Also important is to make sure that the shoes are completely dry from any mud or food stains before starting.

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Step 2

Wash And Soak

Typically people will immediately begin to wash and rinse their shoes at the same time. This is not recommended as the shoes need time to soak in water before any servos scrubbing begins. Place your shoes in a bucket of dish soap water for 20 minutes just to soak. This will make scrubbing off the dirt much more easier.

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Step 3

Scrub And Rinse

No it’s time to roll up your sleeves and begin to scrub off the dirt from your Vans. Use a shoe brush or old toothbrush to moderately scrub your shoes. For trouble spots, place some dish soap directly on the shoes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to get all of the soap and remaining dirt off. 

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Step 4

Air Dry

Do not place your cleaned shoes in the dryer as this will cause many scum marks and is generally harmful to the machine. Instead it is recommended to air dry your Vans shoes for best results. This may take between 24 to 48 hours, so plan accordingly.

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Step 5

Spot Clean And Fabric Protector

Inspect you clean and dry shoes carefully for any left over dirt. Spot clean with a wet soapy cloth if it is needed. Once your shoes are completely dry it is recommended to spray a fabric protector. This is to protect against any light rainfall and to keep the fabric staying strong.

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  • Remove and wash your laces separately
  • When air drying place paper towels inside to help collect water from the soles
  • Fabric protectors are not needed if you frequently clean your shoes

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