From Business To Evening Wear: How Women Can Wear A Dress And Blazer Outfit That Is Chic And Stylish

Typical office outfits consist of some sort of dress shirt, blouse, or a blazer. But there is much more that can be achieved when you decide to wear an outfit that includes a dress and blazer. Take for instance your style of dress. Sure, you can always opt for the streamlined black or navy blue dress by itself, or you can choose to wear a more versatile outfit that will be suitable for both the office and an evening out.

Let’s take a look at some outfit ideas.

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Black Blazer

While you can wear a black blazer with almost any type of dark colour dress, this outfit will be different. Wear a light colour streamlined maxi dress with your black blazer. Your footwear should be black pumps while your accessories should be medium size. 

Black Blazer H&M

Blazer as A Dress

Sometimes you just want to wear your blazer without the addition of a dress. In this case you need to wear the right type of blazer. A double breasted blazer will look better than a regular style blazer, as this will give you more comfortability and length. Knee high black leather boots should be worn with this outfit. Your handbag should be small size, which will compliment your outfit.

Double Breast Jacket H&M

Patterned Blazer

Wearing a patterned blazer is a great idea, especially on a warm day. Underneath you can wear a cream colour or a white mid length dress, which will go great with this type of blazer. Your footwear should be a light colour, so dark brown pumps will be the best type of footwear to have on.

Patterned Jacket H&M

Red Dress

The infamous red dress can definitely be paired with a blazer. Keep in mind that your dress should be mid-length for this outfit. Wear a navy blue or black blazer paired with black pumps to complete this outfit. This would actually be a perfect outfit for a Friday evening out. Your handbag should be medium size, preferably black leather.

Red Dress H&M

White Blazer

A light colour dress paired with a white blazer is the perfect chic summer outfit to wear in the evening. Cream colour strap up sandals should be worn and your accessories should be medium size.

White Blazer Net-A-Porter

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