From Water to Land: Nautical Fashion For Men And Women

So you say that you have always had a love to be at sea? Heading out late at night set traps, only to wake up early the next day to retrieve whatever stayed in the net. Yes, we are talking about a fisher man/woman. The apparel used by these sea dwellers contain unique pieces usually required to brave to unpredictable conditions of rough seas.

There are other notable styles on the water. Many naval ships have their own attire that must be worn by each member. The colour is typically navy blue and white. The captain is usually the most stylish in their outfit, capped off with their captain’s hat too! Let’s take a look at the essential garments needed to dress like you are at sea.


The peacoat is a must have for the chillier months. This coat has been a staple of women’s nautical fashion since it was introduced tailored to suit a woman’s body around the 1960s. Popularized by the British Navy, this coat became an integral piece to let others know on was a member of the navy. 

Pea Coat H&M

The warmer months are all about navy blue and white. Those are the two main colours of wear. A navy blue and white horizontal stripped shirt is standard wear. Another popular item is to wear white bell bottom pants. Bell bottom pants were popularized in the 1960s, when there was discussion about gender neutral clothes.

Woman in Nautical Fashion

Accessories include having a small dark handbag. Also if you are going to wear bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, gold would be the best choice. For footwear, simple flat shoes work best for the warmer and drier months.


For the cooler months the Aran sweater is a must. This sweater was name after an island off of the Irish coast by fishermen. Made using wool, this sweater boasts unique patterns which was a popular choice of fishermen in the early 1900s. The oversized raincoat was a must for fishermen/women in the north Atlantic Ocean, with its frigid temperatures and rough seas. As the years went on, bland colours were replaced by bright yellow and orange to spot one incase they went overboard.

Wool Sweater H&M

The rain coat was more for the rainy days on the rough seas. Other notable coats were the peacoat and the duffle coat. The latter which was named after a town in Belgium.

Man weairng a peacoat

The Chief Petty Officer (CPO) shirt is a mainstay in the navy wardrobe. This long sleeved collared shirt boasts two chest pockets, the colour was traditionally navy blue. Another notable shirt is the Chambray shirt. The fabric was made of numerous layers of linen pressed to reveal the final look, which was somewhat shinier that just one layer of linen.

Striped Shirt H&M

For footwear one cannot fail to mention the deck shoe. This show was used by the USA military with great success. The vulcanized rubber sole was perfect for preventing sliding on the deck of boats and ships during rough trips n the sea. The shoe brand Vans popularized this shoe style in the late 1990s.

Penguin Canvass Shoes Topman

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