Grunge Fashion: Do It Yourself. How Men Can Create An Edgy Casual Spring Outfit

Forget about spending hundreds of dollars just to keep up with the current grunge fashion trend sweeping the world. Once an inexpensive look to achieve, is now dominated by big brands trying to clash grunge streetwear with high fashion. Grunge fashion started in the mid 1980s, popularized by musicians such as Kurt Cobain and his wife Courtney Love. Initially dismissed as trash style, fashion houses can’t seem to ignore the huge following of the style.

The style was a look of anti-establishment/I make my own rules. Usually a plaid flannel shirt was paired with heavily distressed jeans and a low rise sneaker. We will discuss exactly how men can wear grunge style fashion in their spring outfit for an edgy casual outfit.

Grunge Outfit

Today the same pieces of garments from the mid 1980s that were essentially second hand clothes, are now selling for hundreds of dollars thanks to high end fashion brands recognizing the look.  Not to mention upping their non existent street credibility as well.

Distressed Skinny Jeans H&M

Instead of feeding your hard earned wages on expensive grunge fashion, why not try your hand at doing it yourself. Here are some of the ways you can save a ton of money while customizing your own grunge fashion pieces.

Distressed Denim

Sandpaper can be vigorously rubbed on the denim to create a faded look. This technique works well for a light distressed look. But for the real grunge look you need something that can cause more damage. A cheese grater works best. Take the kitchen utensil and go to work on various spots on the denim. After some time your denim will look like you have been attacked by a bear.

Man in very distressed jeans with a patch

The last step is to throw the newly distressed denim into the washing machine with stones inside. The rougher the stones the better. You will not be disappointed with the look.

Well Worn T-Shirts

A good technique for this would be to take your shirt and run it on a concrete or brick wall. The results you get with this technique will surprise. Leading many to believe that you spent hundreds of dollars for that shirt.

Graphic T-Shirt H&M

Dirty Shoes

This is one of the easier DIYs of the grunge style. Never clean your shoes! We are talking about sneakers of course. To accelerate the process, it is advised to go for a long hike on the forest wearing the shoes that you want to get dirty. A low rise pair of sneakers will work best for the look.

Dirty low-top sneakers

The grunge fashion style has gone from being an anti-establishment style to now becoming mainstream. Let’s if this trend continues on for years to come. In the mean time, save your money and do it yourself to create that classic grunge look.

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