Women’s Spring Guide To Wearing A Colour Block Outfit

A basic definition of colour block would be to wear more than two blocks of colours in your outfit. An example of this would be a solid white long sleeve shirt with the arms being a completely different colour, such as burgundy. This style was big in the 1980s but has now seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to the new designs shown on numerous runways.

But how can you really pull off the colour block look without looking like a middle school student? This guide will explain some tips and different styles that can be used to achieve the colour block style. 

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Once winter has finished, many people are eager to add some much needed colour into their wardrobe. This is when the dark colours of winter are replaced wth lighter tones such as white, yellow, orange, and light blue. You can utilize these colours much more effective if you know what colours go best with another.

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Choose Your Colours

The most difficult part of choosing colours to pair with is knowing if those colours actually go together. One way to accurately figure this out is to use a colour wheel. Yes the same one you used in visual arts class in high school. This tool is invaluable in helping you choose you desired colours to wear to achieve a colour block outfit. 

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Be Bold

There is no pint in wearing a colour block outfit if you are going to be like everyone else. How much times can a black and white colour block be reinvented? Instead, use your creativity to come up with something that you have not seen before. Not to say that you should be extravagant, just be different. An example would be pairing the colour maroon with a light creme colour. This would look great as a blouse and skirt combination.

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Use What You Have

You don’t need to go out a buy new clothes to achieve a colour block outfit. Most people’s wardrobe consists of many different colours and styles that have never been paired together. This is a good time to experiment with different colour combinations to expand your fashion sense.

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With a colour block outfit, accessories should be kept to a minimum. You want the attention to be kept on your choice of paired colours, leaving intrigue as to how you managed to pull the look off. Also, accessories tend to create a cluttered look, with the colour block outfit already leaving many on lookers intrigued.

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Opting to wear a colour block outfit can be scary and difficult if you are not comfortable experimenting with different colours. This guide should help you in attaining helpful information whenever you decide to wear a colour block outfit.

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