How and When Men Should Decide To Wear Their Winter Accessories

Accessories are more than just a piece to wear with your outfit, just because. Wearing an accessory should be because of a specific purpose that you want your outfit to convey. Maybe you decide to war a brown beanie with your suit and tie. This can be because you want to have your beanie as the statement piece, while your suit and tie might be seen as just one of your regular every day clothes.

In this article we will discuss some ways when and how men can decide when to wear their winter accessories. Let’s take a look.


One of the most popular type of hats to wear in the winter months amongst men is the beanie. You do not always need to wear this hat, but sometimes it can be a welcome change from your every day casual winter style. Preference is key when deciding to wear your beanie in your winter outfit, with dark colours being more favourited than lighter colours.

Knit Beanie H&M

While you can wear a beanie while wearing any type of outerwear, it is recommended to only wear this type of hat when it is extremely cold or while wearing a wool coat. Also, your footwear should be boots, which will keep in line with the rugged yet dressed up look.


There are a variety of different gloves which can be worn in the winter months, from mittens to cotton gloves. But by far, the most popular type of gloves that men tend to wear in the winter months are leather gloves. Which are usually insulated to keep your hands warm.

Leather Gloves H&M

Wearing leather or sheepskin gloves with a shearling jacket or wool coat can enhance your look and give it a more luxurious appearance. Just keep in mind that leather gloves should not be worn with a parka, it just looks weird.


Ok so we are all familiar with wearing a scarf at one point or another in the winter months, but are we actually doing it right? You see there can be some confusion about wearing a scarf, especially with a casual outfit. First you need to define if you are going to be wearing a scarf for practical reasons such as very cold weather or because of fashion.

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If you want to wear a scarf for practical reasons, wear it in the most effective way possible to block the cold weather. But if you are wearing a scarf for fashion, then just hanging it around your neck loosely over a wool coat is perfectly fine. 

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