How Any Man Can Incorporate A Vest Into Their Fall Outfits For Increased Style And Comfortability

Let’s face it, wearing a vest is not a high priority when it comes to men’s fall wardrobe. This was not the case in the 1990s, at the puffy fall vest was extremely popular especially amongst the early twenty somethings who wore this garment on a nearly daily basis from early fall to often times mid winter. Popularity want away until making a much needed reemergence on runways lately. Which has lead us to write this article.

There are different types of vests from casual wear to formal wear and outerwear that should not just be thrown together with any outfit. No, careful attention needs to be payed to what you want your overall look to be and also what the weather will be like for that day.

Let’s take a look at some ways on how to incorporate a vest into your fall outfits.


You can practically wear an outerwear vest the entire fall season except for on those particularly rainy days. Opt for a medium to dark colour such as forest green or navy blue, as these two colours will go well with many fall outfits. 

Padded Vest H&M


If you ask most people how to wear a vest as part of a casual outfit you would surely get blank looks. There has not really been a discussion on this aspect of vest wear that we think should be addressed. The best way to wear a vest as part of a casual outfit is with layering.

Lightweight Vest H&M

One example would be to wear a crew neck sweater underneath a contrasting colour vest and vis a versa. Footwear should be smart with most casual lifestyle shoes being ideal and forgetting about the running shoes.


Make sure that your formal vest is well fitting and is made of good material. The last thing you need is a vest that fits too big or too small and had the thread coming out of it. The classic black or navy blue vest will go well with any dark dress pants and collared dress shirt combination.

Vest H&M

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